7 Bedroom Secrets of a Long-Term Couple


Have you ever been a victim of the boredom that follows after the honeymoon period? Two lovers meet, unite and take the first steps into the wonderful and colourful world of love. What follows is a sense of anticipation, exploration and boldness. But, once the rainbow of excitement starts to dull, most couples find themselves stuck in a rut. How do some couples manage to preserve their attraction and interest in one another years into their relationship? Just because you’ve spent years together in the bedroom does not mean that all is over. Let the good times roll with these bedroom secrets that are sure to turn up your sex life a few notches.

Of course what works for one couple could probably be a turn off for another, but just the same, we bring you advice from couples who’ve been sleeping together for a long time now and have found sure-fire ways to turn this so-called ‘Sisyphean task’ into keeping it tight and interesting in the bedroom.

Whether you are a bored couple, a curious lover or simply want to compare notes, here are 7 bedroom secrets of long-term couples who found new ways to stay green between the sheets.

1. The Stranger Act –

Ever miss the excitement you felt when you were just getting to know one another? Curiosity is the key to keeping the excitement alive in a relationship, after all no one wants to read the same mystery book twice, no matter how good it is! Keep the freshness intact by role playing. Meet up at a bar on a date night and try to pick each other up. Act like you are meeting for the first time and relive the excitement you felt when you first started dating. You will be surprised at how unique and new it feels. As silly as it may sound, acting like strangers at a bar or restaurant is a great way to bring novelty to the relationship.

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2. Take turns to ask what you want in bed –

You’ve been there and done that… way too many times! Spice up your bed life with giving more than taking. Take turns to ask one another what they want in bed. It’s not so much the act itself but the anticipation that is enough to get you off your rockers. You may just end up thinking about what you want in bed all day long and if it’s his turn, be prepared to get excited about his deepest, darkest fantasies coming true in the bedroom.

3. Game night –

When it comes to sex no one plays it better than couples who know what they are doing. There are so many options for sex games and toys to help you through this too. Set aside a day in the week for game night, and we don’t mean football. Open up some wine, light some candles and play games like monogamy – a sexy little board game that challenges you to try new things in bed. This is one night you’ll never want to miss again.

4. Get attractive –

It’s easier to let yourself go on the pretext of being comfortable in your own skin when you are with your partner. Trust us, if you don’t like seeing him plonked on a sofa with a beer in his hand, wearing pyajamas all day, he isn’t too excited to see you with your hair up in a messy bun sans makeup! Make the effort to look great for each other, even if you don’t plan to go out. Turn a regular home meal into a festive occasion by dressing up and setting the table for dinner instead of setting your ‘tooch’ in front of the Tv with a plate. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to be comfortable with each other but one does appreciate the effort every once in a while.

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5. Tying the ‘loose’ ends –

Well, Christian Grey has probably advertised it a bit too much but bondage does have its perks. Now, now, we don’t suggest you to get a play room but trying it out in the bedroom does have a certain level of kink to it. Can’t get your hands on a pair of handcuffs? No worries. Use everyday items like a satin scarf, his tie or the strap of the bathroom robe. Tie her hands, or his; and have your way with it 😉 You can even discuss when you want to do it and how, and then just turn the tables and surprise him by attacking him when he least expects it. He’ll love it and is sure to return the favor.

6. Set aside a time –

Yes, it’s gotten to that point when you have to schedule it in your weekly planner, but that is exactly the point. If your sex life has started to lose its luster, then it’s time to take control of the situation. Are you tired of asking for sex in a text message? Are you tired of trying to determine her mood? Did she just plead a headache? Has he, literally, turned his back to you and is now snoring off into la la land? It’s time to make sex a part of the written schedule. While it may seem like work at first, trust us, once you get your groove back and let that creativity flow between the sheets, you’ll be looking forward to it!

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7. Amp the risk factor –

We are almost always surprised when our friends share their sex antics in public places. Hell, why not! The whole excitement of getting caught adds to the final deal itself. OK! Let’s be realistic, it’s not safe! Improvise! Girl, there is foreplay and then there is FOREPLAY. If you cant see yourself doing the dirty in public places, then risk up the situation by playing it up in public. Look at him across the table, wet your lips with your tongue, whisper something in his ear and then when no one is looking bite the earlobe. Go crazy with foreplay and make him sweat. We promise he’ll beg to take you out more often after that 😉

If your sex life is becoming shorter and more mechanical then you need to amp the hotness quotient and get back in control