6 of the world’s biggest campaigns to protect the environment!


Climate change and global warming has become a chronic problem. Some of the world’s most formidable citizens have taken laudable initiatives to protect earth from destruction, some of whom are listed below.

1. Climate Reality Project: Al Gore is former Vice-President of the United States, a Nobel Laureate, highly acknowledged writer and a dedicated environmentalist. Under his supervision, the Climate Reality Project has a stupendous team of Board of Directors and Staffs who are working sincerely to achieve their mission to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society. Their objective is to make the world leaders sign a strong agreement over the immediate response to the climate change, reduce emissions and employ renewable uses of energy. All this needs to be done at the UN Climate negotiations in Paris, November-December, 2015.

They wish to
Create a critical mass of activists who transform the politics of the climate crisis.
Build momentum and support for a global commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Accelerate the switch to a low-carbon economy.

Their Annual Report can be accessed from here

They believe that each step of each individual is important and high-profile supporters such as Richard Branson have associated with them in order to spread the awareness building pressure over the highest decision making authorities on our planet.


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2. Environmental Defence Fund: Hailed by The Economist as “America’s most economically literate green campaigners, it is one of the most influential organization caring for the environment with a team of one million members and a staff of 500 scientists, economists, policy experts, and other professionals around the world. The most recent strategic program initiated by them is Blueprint 2020.

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As a result of their proficient efforts, some of the effects that can be seen are:
Sustainable fishing catches on nationally
Methane pollution gets much-needed scrutiny
U.S. power plant limits earn broad support
China rolls out climate solutions
Hundreds of companies boost energy efficiency
Safe Harbor preserves habitat on private lands
U.S. agriculture grows more sustainable
Thousands of consumer products get safer

Their core strategies deal with economics of environment, partnerships with corporations, and sound use of science.

They also wish to reduce emissions, introduce sustainable fishing, increase resilience in the ecosystem, and reduce exposure to pollutants to protect health of the world community.



3. Sierra Club: One of the world’s oldest conservation organization of its kind, Sierra Club was found by conservationist John Muir in 1892.

Some of their famous campaigns are:
Democracy Program
Environmental Justice
Environmental Law
Global Population & Environment
International Beyond Coal
Nuclear Free
Politics & Elections
Responsible Trade
Sierra Student Coalition
Water Sentinels

This club has around 2.4 million members and supporters, 64 local chapters nationwide, have got 250 million acres protected, 20000 local as well as international trips per year, and has got 200 coal power plants defunct.

Contact Us



4. EarthJustice: A magnificent organization created by a group of attorneys, who wished to use the power of justice to protect people’s health, conserve environment, promote clean energy and fight against the adversities of climate change. With headquarters at San Francisco, CA, their community consists of over a million activists. The previously mentioned Sierra Club has launched a campaign against the development of Mineral King, a stunning valley at the southern tail of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains into a ski resort in 1965. The founding attorneys had filed lawsuits against this proceeding and later they kept filing thousands of lawsuits against projects that threatened to demolish environment.

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Their expert strategies are:
High Stakes
Landmark Impact
Strong Partnerships
Unique Expertise

They depend on the five cornerstone laws to achieve big wins for the environment:



5. Greenpeace: One of the world’s largest independent environmental campaign organization has some staunch values they work on with confidence to protect earth.

They typically are:
Catalysing an energy revolution
Defending our oceans
Protecting the world’s ancient forests
Working for disarmament and peace
Creating a toxic free future
Campaigning for sustainable agriculture

It has an impressive presence in 55 countries across various continents. They have exposed environmental criminals; use research, lobbying and diplomacy; have a mammoth support of 2.8 million people; and has fearlessly challenged governments as well as corporations.

Their victory timeline ranges from Nuclear testing to Whaling Moratorium, Antarctic Treaty to Radioactive Dumping, Brent Spar to Greenfreeze, Toxics phaseout to Great Bear Rainforest. With extraordinary valour, Greenpeace has achieved equally extraordinary achievements.

It is also known for the amazing fleet of ships:
The Rainbow Warrior
The Arctic Sunrise
The Esperanza
Our inflatables
and finally the Greenpeace balloon.



6. Natural Resources Defence Council(NRDC): Founded in 1970 to protect air, water and land from any harm, it has been called as “One of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups.” by the New York Times. It has more than 2 million members and a strong team of approximately 500 lawyers, scientists and professionals. Their primary objectives are:
Curbing Global Warming and Creating the Clean Energy Future
Reviving the World’s Oceans
Defending Endangered Wildlife and Wild Places
Protecting Our Health by Preventing Pollution
Ensuring Safe and Sufficient Water
Fostering Sustainable Communities

They come out with annual reports highlighting their initiatives, victories, plans and requirements in favour of the environment. With headquarters in Nw York City, it has some other offices in important locations such as Washington DC, Midwest, Northern Rockies, San Francisco CA, Santa Monica CA and Beijing, China.
The issues NRDC deals with are:
Issue Areas
Global Warming
Food and Agriculture
Environmental Justice
U.S. Law & Policy
Nuclear Energy Nonproliferation, and Disarmament
Urban Solutions
International Issues