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6 ways to protect yourself from Skin Cancer


Skin cancer? Hah! I’m never getting that bro.

Well if you think like that, better think again.

Skin cancer is not a rare thing anymore. A person dies every hour of melanoma and 1 in 50 men & women are diagnosed with melanoma in their life. Well I know what you are thinking. It can be treated right? But at what cost? Skin cancer treatments leave your skin raw and blistered and so I quote the very famous saying ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Here are some tips and ways to protect yourself by preventing skin cancer if you’re particularly fond of keeping that flawless skin.

1.”The very first thing: Sunscreen!”

I know you already know about this but are you using it right? To save that skin from blisters and spots, you need to apply it often, after sweating, swimming and at least every 2 hours. Too much work right?  But hey! Nobody said staying beautiful is easy. And make sure you don’t miss out the little spots like your ears, top of your feet, back of your neck, etc.download

2.” Is the sunscreen safe?”

Well you can set aside your worries. The ingredients of foremost concern are nanoparticles of zinc or titanium dioxide as these can cross over the skin barrier and enter the bloodstream. So just look out for sunscreens without these nanoparticles and you’re good to go.

Some people are also concerned about oxybenzone present in these sunscreens that many researches have shown to disrupt hormonal balance. Guess what? The lab rats used in the research were exposed to as much oxybenzone as you will take up only if you apply sunscreen every single day for 30 years. It’s the dose that makes the poison. So harmful? I think not.

3. “Have short hair (or none)? Be hat friendly.”

Even people with long hair covering their ears and necks should wear wide brimmed hats to shield up that pretty face from the harmful UV rays of the scorching sun. Be pretty and cautious at the same time.

4. “Did you know tanning beds can kill?”

I know, I know. The golden glow looks really amazing and all but I bet you didn’t know that tanning beds can triple your chances of developing skin cancer. Spray tan’s better now, isn’t it ?

5. “Be your own doctor and look out for the signs “

You can now tell the difference between a normal mole and a cancerous one also. All you got to do is keep track of where your moles are and what they look like. Get them checked if they start to change in shape or color or if you spot a new spot. Better be safe than sorry.

“Be sure not to miss out the not so obvious spots” like the soles of your feet, between your toes, your nail bids, and even your rectum, vagina or mouth. Even though melanoma usually occurs on the frequently exposed areas but you never know where the next attack might come from.

6. Last of all, Avoid the sun!

Sun is the natural source of Vitamin D which is a very essential for our body. But on the very other hand, sun sends out scorching heat and the harmful UV rays which cause Skin cancer. So, if possible, avoid sun to the most, and if you can not, take appropriate measures to make sure you are not affected by the sun.

Remember: There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.

“Instead of fearing the sun, cover up , stay safe and walk out with your head high.”



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