6 Uses Of Toothpaste That Most People Don’t Know


Toothpaste is probably the first thing that we encounter after leaving the comfortable company of our bed. It protects our teath and oral health. Its important for all of us to brush twice a day for 3 minutes minimum.
But these few facts below will just change your views about a simple toothpaste tube to a magic tube.


1. Effective Hand Stanitizer
Worked in the kitchen with garlic and onions? and can’t get rid of the smell? Toothpaste can be very effective as a handstanitiser in fact better than a normal soap or hand wash. Just squeeze a little paste in your hand and rinse it thoroughly.

2. Helps in defoging glass also helps cleaning Glass.
Toothpastes are great cleansers for glass. Being abrasive in nature they tend to get through small spots of dirt, also glass around bathing area ends up getting dirty very often. All you have to do is just squeeze a little tooth paste and wipe the glass with a soft cloth.

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3. Can say “bye-bye” to pimples for you
Irritated with pimples which love sitting and sporting your face? Toothpaste can make it go away faster than any other cream. Just apply toothpaste on your pimple and leave it over night. Make sure u only apply it once a week and test it once on your skin.

3. Removes Cryon stains on walls.
If you have a todler at home who keeps painting your walls with cryon. You don’t have to worry and get them repainted again. Tooth paste is very affective for removing cryon stains from the walls and making them look just the same.

4. Nail Care
A very few people know that nails and teeth are made up of the same type of cell. So if toothpaste can take care of your teeth well then nails get the same benefit too. So next time ladies save your money and do your manicure and pedicure at home.

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5. Hang your posters
Toothpaste also acts like great gum for walls. A great substitute of blue-tack. Just dab a little toothpaste on the four corners of the poster and it will stay there for years.

6. Helps in removing gum from hair.
Remember once because of a silly guy in class who pranked on you and stuck gum in your hair and you had to cut your hair short? Whether you knew you could have just rubbed tooth paste and got rid of the gum and then washed your hair thoroughly.

It’s amazing how I used to use toothpaste as just something that took care of my dental health but it is a magical tube and has so much more to it.