6 things you should keep in mind when meeting her parents for first time


Marriage is an institution. Many think it is an end of relationship but it is the actual start of the relationship. So this could be one of the most important and memorable thing in one’s life. Well, in arranged marriages everything goes in the “parent’s manner” as the bride and groom will only come after the discussions of parents just like the high command first and then the low level cadre. Love marriages is another way around every stage is a like an examination. Tension bounds whether your mate accepts the proposal or not, whether your parents approve your relationship and how about your mates parents approval, what not? It’s just like a roller coaster adventure. In most of the relationships so called boyfriend introduction in the home is the most important phase for the initiation of marriage talks however sometimes a casual meeting also goes well but the moments of impression from girlfriend’s parents is very much important. Here are few tips which would help you win your girlfriend’s parents impression

#1. Be yourself.

This is the first and foremost rule one has to adhere. Just be yourself, don’t fake anything. If you don’t like something just tell them nicely but never ever pretend on something. It is acceptable to have some dignified behavior with your GF’s parents but don’t over act like touching their feet and sitting so ideal which you usually don’t do. Remember days of flattering are gone long back.

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guy_meeting_girlfriends_parents_shaking_dads_hand_310x174 #2. Grooming, yes it is must.

Most people judge others depending on their looks. So grooming plays a very important role here. Make sure you wear a very simple yet catchy attire. Flashy and dude kind of attires doesn’t work most of the times. Remember, even if your GF’s parents are so cool and trendy they usually expect some decency from their to be son-in-law. Wear normal outfit which gives you a comfort feeling. Try upon lite colors and make sure your hair is properly groomed. Mild deodorants could be the right choice in these occasions.

#3. Empty hands are not good – A gift is must.

The first meeting should create a mark. So visit them with a small gift. On most occasions a wine or sham pane bottle goes well but if your GF’s parents are non-alcoholic make sure you at least take a bouquet or sweets.

#4. Know their interests from your GF before meeting.

Ice breaking on such task here. You can’t expect your GF’s parents to be so talkative who instantly jumps into a conversation. Sometimes indeed most of the times it could be you who has to open the conversation. It is suggested to do some research on their interests knowing from your GF before meeting them. Speak on some common topics where you could glide the conversation so smooth rather than giving it a scope to stop it somewhere. In short, keep the conversation going.

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#5. Assure them.

Every girl parent in this world fear about the future of his/her daughter before giving their hand to some gentleman. This fear could be of any level and most of the times this is the one reason for the relationships to fail before going to marriage. So, assure them on how good you are going to take care of her, how secured life she is going to have. It is suggested to open up about your financial and family background.

#6. Talk about her, praise how good they raise her

Nothing makes parents happy when someone is praising their upbringing of their offspring. So praise them and praise your GF that how much she values her parents decision and how matured she is.


Here are those common things to take care. However, situation demand and spontaneity always play a crucial role. If you think you are going out of line, take the lead according to situation. Wish you come out flying colors.