6 things about rain that make it beautiful


Rains are very poetic and everybody has a different perception of rains. Rains may be romantic for some and some may feel they are very clumsy. But the elements of rain are endlessly beautiful. Rain, in one way or the other brings joy to the earth.

1. The sound of the rain.
The sound of the raindrops falling on the windows or on the floor is the most soothing sound ever. It has it own vibration. It not only creates the physical vibrations but gives you a mental therapy. If you sit near the windows and just listen to the sound of rain, all you feel is the good vibes. It is very natural and being poetic this sound is mesmerizing.

2. The smell of the rain.

You cannot just define the fragrance of the rain. It is somehow very mild and pure. It gives you the feeling of purity and love. It creates a new ambiance all together. It sort of vanishes all the bad odors all around you. It settles the mud and makes the atmosphere cleaner due to which we feel the actual fragrance. Its like the most awaited meeting of ground and the clouds. They get together and their happiness produces the beautiful smell. 🙂

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3. The puddles

Many of hate the puddles and the dirt that comes because of the rain. But it is really fun to jump in the puddles if you are a rain lover. Dancing and jumping around in the rain make it fun and lively. Many advertisements on TV show how kids enjoy dancing around in rain. Its their happiness and their smiles that make the rain more joyful. Adults might not like this stuff but i know all of us have played in the puddles and enjoyed the rain thoroughly at least once in our lifetime. And if you have not tried it, you must do it before you die. It is the most relieving and refreshing thing to do i bet. The paper-boats which have now become only a name of a brand (pun intended) used to be a memory of childhood.sadly, Kids are more into the electronic puddles now.

4. The frosting glass panes

I bet you all would have written your name on the foggy windows during the rains. It is human nature that we have a tendency to write on the foggy windows with our fingers. It is exciting and fascinating for all. Also, we all have played the raindrop race at-least once. As kids we all enjoyed the rain in the car and fought for the window to scribble upon. I still do that.

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5. The greenery

It seems as if the rainwater has some color changing properties. As soon as it starts raining, everything becomes brighter and the environment looks more alive. It seems as if the leaves and the flowers are smiling and trying to boast about their magnificent colors.

6. The feelings

Many beautiful songs and poems have been written on the rain. These things are just a few elements. Rains are much more than this. The rains give you feelings of love, sorrow, happiness and what not. Some people go on romantic dates on rainy days and some try to hide their tears in the raindrops. Some people dance in the rain and some share their secrets with the rain. Some might think that god is crying and some might consider it the God’s way of showing his happiness. Some might feel the rain and some might just get wet.