6 TV Characters That You Can’t Forget


Indian Television has always been a major influence on the ’90s or before Indians. Every night when you turn on the TV, you surely look for something that suits your taste and on Indian television with so much variety in every genre, you can surely find one. Not just the TV serials but the characters too make a huge impact on the Indian audience. Let us go through some of the most memorable faces on Indian television and rewind the memories.

Best 6 popular television show characters of all time:

1. Shaktiman

Nobody forgets the Indian version of Superhero — Shaktimaan was the most famous one. One of the most popular serials on Doordarshan. His dual personality and his good work for the people influenced so many young minds. Shaktiman has truly been one of the most memorable characters that you think of.

2. Jassi Walia

Who can forget the black glasses and the braces that portrayed how not so good looking girls too (as people think of) can win everyone’s heart! Jassi was the most loved character of its time. And her love story too became a topic of concern for everyone.

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3. Ramayan: Lord Ram

Think of Lord Rama in any form and most of the people would picture Arun Govil in his attire. His face was Lord Rama to the public. Nobody could have done better justice to the role than he did. Ramayana was one of the most popular shows of the time and the characters were equally realistic. Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, the government announced a 21-days lockdown in nationwide. Nearly after three-decades Doordarshan started the re-run of popular historical Hindu epic show, Ramayan.

Ever since its re-telecast, the show has garnered almost 170 million viewers worldwide. This is also the highest ever TRP rating for any Hindi General Entertainment Channel program since 2015.

— BARC India

4. Sarabhai

Sarabhai’s family was one laughing riot. You sit for half an hour and you do not miss even a minute without laughing. All the characters in the family are unique in their own way and each one complements the other. As the show has promised to bring another season, there would surely be many out there waiting for another joy ride.

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5. Shaka Laka Boom Boom: Sanju

The magic pencil was a major craze Hindi show at the time when this show was aired and so was the character Sanju, the sole guard for the magic pencil. Sanju and his friends were the most loves characters amongst kids and nothing replaced the craze for magic pencils.

6. Hansa & Praful

Khichdi could never have been the same without the Hansa and Praful Jodi. One of the very popular tv characters among Indians. The show captured so many hearts and that slowly it became everyone’s favorite. Needless to say, Hansa and Praful took most of the limelight with their perfect comic timing.

Even when these shows are not on air, looking at them again surely brings a smile on our faces.