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6 super-heroes to get you drooling


These super-heroes looked charming as it is in the comics, but their on-screen avatars? No wonder the girls are going mad. All of them are just – PERFECT! Their build, their face, their toned abs and ofcourse a stubble. They are every girl’s dream and I am pretty sure that all the girls have fantasized being on a date with them or being saved by those super-heroes. There one for everybody, so don’t fret!

  1. Arrow – Oliver queen, always brooding but is a heart-throb. No wonder every girl he knows was / is in love with him. The plot line is damn good and Mr. Queen is always worried about ‘saving his city’ from the wrong doers out there. Anyways, it’s always a delight to catch (ANY!) glimpse of his abs and he really works that stubble! Arrow
  2. Thor – This mighty hammer-wielding god belongs to the Norse mythology. He is portrayed perfectly by Chris Hemsworth. Even the brilliant scientist Jane Foster, couldn’t escape his charms and fell head over heels for him. My point is, if a scientist goes all drools over this guy then how can we NOT?! 
  3. Batman – Admit it, we all love him. His other identity is Bruce Wayne, the american billionaire. I mean sure, it does come in handy to have loads of money when you are secretly out on the streets, protecting the city you hold most dear from descending into mayhem! And Christian Bale… what to say, Why do you have such killer abs, WHY?! 
  4. Captain America – Okay, granted his start was a bit shaky but then he went on to become the greatest super-hero of all time! Steve Rogers as portrayed by Chris Evans, just WOW! I mean, why do these super-heroes have to be like they are? It’s really distracting! I just hope he learns to let go of his past and is open to future possibilities! 
  5. Iron Man – Tony Stark’s identity is no secret, everybody knows he is Iron-man.. Hmm, another case of a billionaire super-hero. I guess money does come in handy. He too rocks the stubble and, his sense of humor is just the cherry on top! 
  6. Wolverine – Born as James Howlett and then commonly known as Logan, he was born with the mutation. Hugh Jackman does set the stage on fire with his performance, and his cigar, I too want to take a puff! 

Sooo, I guess these are the most awesome on-screen super-hero portrayals of all time. What do you think?! #superherofandom !



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