6 super easy and proven ways to make money online!


Money, money and money. It is all that we want nowadays. We all love it whenever we get that extra money and whenever we save that extra money. Admit it, all of us would be happy if we could make money at home. Now, there are sites claiming that they will pay you while you work from home but, you need to send some cash first to know the details of your work. Well, I have researched this and these sites and jobs are a total scam. Even if they do pay you, it is nothing you would have imagined. So my advice, don’t go for anything that just pops on top of the search result. Do your research and then opt for a full-time / part time job, a paid internship or anything else. Here is the list of things you can do to make money, particularly suitable for students. Anybody else can also do it, it’s not difficult.

  1. Sell your stuff – Okay, not all of it. But you can always let go of the things you no longer need. There are many sites which help you in the process like ebay, olx, amazon, and many other sites. Some are even product-specific. So say goodbye to your old stuff and hello to easy money. 08
  2. Content writing – If you are love writing then this is perfect for you. There is a huge demand for content across the internet. You can even write at the time you prefer during the day. There are many companies who hire interns on a paid basis to write content for them. You can always use internshala to search for content writing internships. This field is not just limited to that, you can write blogs of your own and make money. You can try problogger if you want. Also, on kindle you can write and publish your own ebooks. You will then receive money as long as your book is available!
  3. Online Surveys – All of us have heard about these. You can really make some money by just completing surveys, provided the site is legitimate. Check out paid-survey, my-survey, vip-voice and there are many more. download
  4. Online guide – If you are good at giving advice, are a good guide or an expert at something then cash in on those skills. There are some sites that pay you to answer or require your expertise in a particular area! Try about, chacha (click on ‘become a guide’) and justanswer.
  5. Sell your photos – There are a lot of apps for this. All you have to do is just click a pic from your smartphone and upload it. You will get the money (Not all of it though, there are some conditions). Try out foap and dreamstime.
  6. Sell your old coursebooks and notes – You definitely don’t need those old course-books and notes. So clear away your space and make money by just selling your notes! make_money_online
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These are some of the things anybody can do sitting in the luxury of their own homes. Another bonus idea – offer your tutoring skills online and make money, these ‘skills’ can be anything! So fire away and start making money! There are many other things you can do, all you need to do is search!