Shri Ram College of commerce is ranked as the number one college for commerce in whole India. It was established in the year 1926.some of its  alumni are Arun jaithley,anshu jain,Gulshan grover,Omprakas Mehra Rak, Shiv Khera, Jitin Prashad, Kapoor, Vijav Goyel ,Vikash Kedia.



crossIs this the biggest and highest budget commerce college event organize in whole Asia? The answer is yes obvious!!! Student union Shri Ram College of Commerce organizes the event called crossroad which has a budget of around 1500k. The celebrity invited by the student union is the hallucinated and the surprising ones always. The students from whole Delhi University are present at the time of crossroad. The crowd for the crossroad is around 5000-9000. The passes for the crossroad get sold for around 500+ which increases by increase in demand. Crossroad is the fest for which every student waits for in Delhi University. No students are aware about the magical scene that the crossroad is going to provide that open with the surprising doors.



electionWord of fresher “senior in Shri Ram College of Commerce is the coolest senior we ever met on the one hand in other colleges the senior are passionate about ragging the junior’s and on the other hand senior of Shri Ram College of Commerce are ready to help blind folded” unaware about the fact the election are coming soon. The main motive of the second year students is to attract the junior, so that the help provided by them converts into vote for them. But as soon as Election gets over the reality of all stuff comes through the gate of truth. Beside this truth there are a lot of memorize of campaigning that comes through the mind which gets infatuated into the sexiest memory. Beside all the conflict and all the bad stuff, as soon as the election gets over the friend reunite and enjoys the party with the huge celebration. The felling of biasness gets swiped up and the fountain of goy and wonderful shower comes into.

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  1. Fresher’s party

freshersYeah then comes the time for the party!!! The senior members of society organizes many fresher’s party for the first year where they get the platform to interact with senior and there college mates. Basically the aim of this party is to let the juniors get frank and fearless in the college. Every fresher’s has a target on the title Mr. and Mrs. Fresher and the interested one opt for competition whereas the shy one looks in the form of audition. After the party when the limits of highness crosses and the chutzpa stuff starts is the epicene of the party. All in this party a boy need is to date a girl and girl want to go to date. Both the opposite sex wants to fall in a new relationship and enjoy their college life like a hell. But the sit fact is that only lucky 10 – 15 percentage of the people turn up and rest of them are again shaking their hand for enjoyment.

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  1. Societies

socitiesThere are many societies in Shri Ram College of Commerce, some of them are like D-street, human recourse development cell, English literary society, hind sahitya sabha, Y.C., etc. These societies basically are for development of the skills and constructing a good bound with your friend. This society conducts fest annually which is organized by the students of Shri Ram College of Commerce themselves. The societies are mainly classified in two sub heads, one which is registered and another whish is not registered. Registered societies have more importance than the unregistered one. First year student are mainly dedicated towards the societies normal stuff and work hard for the societies too secure their places. And the second year students are the one who gets the post of the society and manages it. In third year the students leave all the society and are dedicated towards the placement.


  1. Coop

coopCoop is the area where all the stuff of the colleges goes on. It is basically the area where in the morning the student wakes up and brushes their teeth and at the night dress up with the night suit. It is the area where all the things from small to big all go on. Starting from romances of couple, campaigning for election, photocopy, canteen, book store, pitching of society,  staring the girl, meeting of societies, hanging out with friends and lot more. We can say it is the bench mark for Delhi University. In short the coop area acts as an entry as well as exit get for the students. Before entering into college classroom they measures the temperature of the coop and then enter in the room to study.

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  1. Placement

plaaemenPlacement in Shri Ram College of Commerce is the thing for which it is known for. Almost 95 percentage of the candidate eligible for the placements interviews gets there placement. Placement cell of Shri Ram College of Commerce is the one which you should opt to work for. Placement cell of Shri Ram College of Commerce is able to invite approximately 60-70 companies. Shri Ram College of Commerce is well renowned for its placement. The dream of every student to join shri ram college of commerce is only because of the placement cell that help them to get the placement.