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6 scariest movies you must watch


Hollywood and Bollywood movies have spread all over the world to entertain people and increase the trend of watching movies. In countries like India, where people just love watching films are the craziest among all the people on earth. Now comes the category of movies among which the horror movies have been watching the most by the people. This takes us to the must watch horror movies in this generation that will leave you mind struck and insane. Check it out some of the awesome yet scary movies that you cannot miss:

1.Paranormal series

Paranormal activity is the real supernatural activity that was shot while making the movie. It consists of various parts till four. It is very horror movie in which all the activities of ghosts are recorded in a camera and shown to us. It really makes your limbs come up as you will witness many unexpected things happening In the house. It is a must seen movie if you dare to scare. Th most important deadly part is paranormal activity 3. You will see the ghosts roaming all around the house at night which will leave you in suspense. However, all over you can’t miss the fun behind watching this movie and the next part is coming soon.

2. The exorcist


One of the most important scenes of this movie is when the devil gets inside the soul of the child. It is the story of actual events happened in the house. It is the story of a child who suddenly starts behaving odd and her mother takes him to a priest who judges that some evil has been inside the child to act him indifferent. It is one of the scariest movie ever one should see in her life. The direction of the movie is what makes it to the most horrific movie of the world though a lot of horror scene is witnessed in the movie. This is a kind of movie one should at least go for any horror movie. If it is left unseen, ghost might come towards you to make you watch this.

3. The night in elm street

This is the best movie ever released on 1984 though which still is known for its horrific part. This is a story of couple of friends who are stuck in somewhere in the jungle and solve the ongoing mystery which is really scary. This movie has got many awards in the industry and is the only movie that has been capable of existing for such a long time. From the characters to the ghosts, everything is so real that makes it the top horror movies in the world. The direction is very good as everything can be compared to the reality very easily.

4. Halloween

As the name suggests that it was the Halloween night when all the people were partying when six year old Michael murdered his 17-year-old sister, Judith. He was sentenced and locked away for 15 years behind the bars. But soon while getting transferred he steals a car and runs away to the far town to search for his next victims. This movie has a great story plot but it is again the top scariest movies on cannot miss. It is a must seen movie because there is no fun if the movie has no scary scenes. Halloween has also been awarded many awards by the Institute for taking out the nerves out from the people. It was released in1978 and the most important part is the director who is John Carpenter, the many times winner of” who wants to be a millionaire”.

5. Insidious

Insidious is the another yet scary movie that must be watched before watching any other horror movie. It is very known movie In the horror market of movies because it defines horror into a reality that will bring you Goosebumps in your body. It is the story of a family in which they go to a new home where the evil haunts the child and gets inside his soul. It haunts and murders his parents and at last rule the home. It is real in some case as the belief of ghosts in the house was a rumor that came to be true. One idiotic thing that you will notice that inspite of seeing ghosts in the house, they do not leave that house. Well, the reason is a mystery. It has again come at the top lists of horror movies and trust me it is indeed a movie that is worth to be seen.

6. The Babadook

The Babadook is a story of a family where the child speaks truth about encountering the ghost but the other members don’t believe him. The ghost enters the house with the bash of books which the child carries with him. Babadook has a very interesting story as mentioned above which will be fun and scary at the same time. The characters have an important role in the story that makes it the scariest movie in the world. This movie was released at 2014 in Australia. It has got much appreciation for being the scariest and creepiest movie with all the scary ghosts roaming all around the house. Especially, the cupboard scene is very much triggering and anticipating as the result is devastating.

A lot of movies are there as a part of horror movies in the Hollywood but what fascinates the most to the people is the fan of horror movies. Take a case of girlfriend, the time when you want them to feel close to you is the time when you go to see a horror movie with them. People have started using this movies as a part of their benefit which have provided a dual benefit to both the people as well as the industry in increasing their TRPs and wealth. Whatever the reason behind it, but the horror movies have played an important role in everyone life. So Folks, watch all these movies as they are worth to watch it.





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