Girls, haven’t we all dreamed of a romance worthy of novels? You definitely would want one like in a Nicholas Sparks novels Who isn’t in love with the awe worthy, starry eyed, heart melting romance. While some of us experience it, others live it through movies and novels. In need of a gooey mushy romance where the knight in shining armor saves the damsel in distress, and they fall in love, defeat the villain, overcome all obstacles and live happily ever after? Well then go grab the nearest Sparks book you can lay your hands on and let your romantic side have a field day.! Be warned – tears, awwws, laughter and frustration are a part of the deal too.

So here are the 6 reasons why Nicholas Sparks novels reach out to the inner romantic in you like no other :

  1. The setting of the novels are to die for.

Want to read a country romance? Sparks books are your go to option. Some sunny beach with calming oceans? Nicholas novels to the rescue! He just knows what surrounding will make our heart soar with joy and that’s where he takes us.

  1. The hunky charming country man sweeping a young girl off her feet! (can it be more classic than that?)
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A bull riding, ranch owning young country man and a girl falling in love and riding off into the sunset. Seems ideal doesn’t it? Boy sees girl, girl sees boy, instant attraction, a few rodeos, ranch visits, summer picnics and ta daan! The love blossoms faster than the spring flowers.

  1. The classics of romance are the key to the love that blooms around here.

100s of handwritten notes, a romantic evening by the lake, campfires, a kiss in the rain, a cold night away alone, nursing your sick beloved to health, think of it and you find it in the pages you read.

  1. The highly educated and upper class but ultimately independent woman appeal to the minds of girls out there.

You can be on the top rung of the society, be a goody two shoes, daddy’s girl with high education and move into the countryside and find the love of your life, sneak out in the middle of the night to meet him, be a fulfilled version of yourself and also be a bad-ass who fights her past demons. Oh! What a life!

  1. Do I need to comment on the men of the stories? Aren’t they just so yum!?
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A blue eyed, six pack muscled guy with a nicely fitted body who can tame a wild bull/horse, who can fix up a whole house, fight wars, perform surgeries, travel across the stormy sea, cook amazing food, throw kick-ass punches, protect you from the bad guys and make passionate love to you. What else do you need?

  1. Love is the key to all.

It’s not wild raunchy sex but the mild compassionate love making that wins our hearts. The message of “Love conquers all” is prominent in the stories. These are stories for good girls or who want to be one. And they lived happily ever after prevails!


So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest store or library and grab a copy for yourself and enjoy romance like never before.

P. S.: Guys, need to turn up the romance level? I suggest you take notes from all the knights in Sparks stories and also gift your girl a book of Nicholas and the romantic meter of your relationship will rocket up! ;)