6 Qualities needed to be at the top


In today’s era, everybody wants to be on the top level whether take it in business field or in Bollywood. Due to extreme competition in our world, people have been struggling very much all their life to get this one thing because they all know,

“ You get everything what you desire when you reach the top level.”

I bring forth some of the qualities that you must have to make yourself capable to reach to that level. Some of them are:

1. Knowledge

KnowledgeSS-Post-thumb-615x300-71814Knowledge is something which you know is needed but many times people underestimate its power which leads to failure. This is the core of success to every person. If anyone has a dashing personality but got no knowledge regarding their fields, That’s gone in vain. In other sense, This is the first important quality that everyone should attain during the course of life. The sources of knowledge are newspapers, Social media, Internet, Practical experience etc. A person is attracted towards other if he is very much intelligent and a sharp minded person. Whatever so knowledge is the roots to everything.

2. Speaking skills

talk with


There are many skills which one is needed in his life to gain something among which speaking skills is very important. Speaking is something which attracts people towards you by your speaking style , tone, expression etc. Another important thing and benefit is you can express your knowledge and experiences easily if you got a good communication skills. This is the reason why company hires students with a big packages if they have a good communication skills with others.

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3. Your outlook

Outlook is the definition of Personality. It is something which gives the first glimpse about you to the people when they see you. This outlook looks small but plays a bigger role than what you think. If you notice businessman or actors etc. around you, you will first see their clothes, personality etc. which tends you to go and talk to them. Yes, this is what makes you to go to the other level of success. It helps you to give a backbone because you will get many supporters because of this quality.


4. Thinking and implementing ideas


Well ideas are something which I have already discussed in my previous articles that it is unique, many and roots to any initiative. What will help you to get at the top is this quality which will constantly hit your mind and will initiate you to do something. Remember that every idea is a Trial and Error method. If it fails, a new one will come and if it succeeds, That’s it go on with it. But do implement once you frame the idea in a systematic way. These might sound a bit confusing but believe me once you start, you will never have to look back again.

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5. Be cool dude

Its simple to say but difficult to show. Be a cool guy so that you get enough time to think about how to move on in life. It definitely makes you smart and capable enough to showcase your skills and grow. This is not so important quality one should have because it automatically comes to you once you start doing other things. But to give you a glimpse this was to be mentioned although this is also a quality.Check around some of the top personalities and follow them , you will see those changes in you and will help you to grow better.

6. Attitude


Attitude which is a must quality you must develop inside you to create a control on things you do . People in this era appreciate this quality because this is seen in a lot of people because they all know its importance in life. Develop a strong attitude among yourself and give a damn to what others say because believe in yourself and rest is history. Remember someone said, “ IF you got this attitude which makes you the king, you’re right.” Just don’t let others to control you or put some types of bad knowledge in you , trust yourself and work accordingly. Other qualities mentioned above will come to your use only when this quality will be there in you.

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Well peeps, these are some of the useful guide to reach the top level and believe me if you don’t reach there even after applying these all, there’s nothing wrong in it. If god closes one door from a side, He open at the other side.

Best of luck for your future.