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6 popular myths around the world


We all have heard innumerable myths no matter where we are from. Now these myths have a vast range. We have heard multiple stories which have no evidence suggesting their occurrence. These are extra ordinary and magnificent stories, which may or may not be true. We can never say that for sure. Here are some of the myths we probably have heard a couple of times in our lives.

  1. Eve ate an apple – The biblical story involving Adam and Eve says that they were told not to eat anything in the Garden of Eden but a snake managed to convince Eve to eat the ‘forbidden fruit’. The story mentions not to eat ‘the fruit in the middle of the garden’, an apple isn’t mentioned anywhere. Alright, it could be an apple but, it could just as easily be any other fruit. To say that Eve ate an apple is incorrect. She ate the forbidden fruit which could have been an apple or any other fruit. apple
  2. Edison invented electricity – This is not totally true. He holds patents for many things but, in reality they have resulted from the hard work of his technicians. Arc lighting was invented by Sir Humphry Davy four decades before Edison was even born. He used a carbon filament. In the years that followed, other scientists tried to perfect his model but none of them were successful, the filament broke in 12 hours. Edison discovered the right type of filament which would not break. It is impressive but, not the first. 
  3. Gandhi freed India from the Britishers – We hear this and have been taught this, but this is incorrect. Historians claim that Indian freedom was inevitable. Some even say that his involvement slowed down the liberation process. He introduced non-violence or ahimsa but, historians say that if the Indians had used violent means they might have been granted freedom early. Also, Gandhi was only 16 when the Indian National Congress was formed and his much famed Civil Disobedience movement is a small part of a bigger picture. 
  4. Jesus was born on 25th December – December 25 is celebrated world-wide as Christmas day or the day when Jesus was born. But, there is no proof whatsoever that Jesus was born on this day. Even the part which shows Him being born in a manger and in the presence of three wise men is incorrect. There were three gifts, not men. 
  5. America attained independence on July 4, 1776 – We all know that the Declaration of Independence was signed by the founding fathers of America on July 4, 1776. However, it still didn’t become independent! The war went on for seven more years. Independence was granted from Britain on September 3,1783 when Definitive Treaty of Peace was signed. 
  6. George Washington’s was America’s first President – This is indeed not true. Peyton Randolph of the Continental Congress was appointed as the first President during the American revolution. On his orders, a Continental Army was created and Washington was appointed as it’s commander. John Hancock succeeded Randolph. He congratulated Washington after he defeated the British in the Battle of Yorktown. The reply which Washington wrote was addressed to ‘The President of United States’. Washington was elected President eight years later and so, he was the fifteenth US president, not the first. 




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