6 Pianists You Must Listen To


Let’s be honest. Most of the songs that come out these days don’t make sense to many people at all. It can be because of different lifestyles or because crappy lyrics that don’t mean anything to anyone. Yet many such songs become popular because of their good melody and harmony or very good advertising and branding.

In such times, many people have turned towards instrumental music. Which is really beautiful, as it can be interpreted in any way the listener wishes. Much like poetry.

This kind of music actually helps us sharpen our intellect whereas most modern songs aim to make us dumber.

Here are a few pianists that you can listen to.

1. Yanni

Yanni was born in November 1954 in Greece. He blends jazz, soft rock, classical and world music to produce new instrumental music.

Yanni has received many Grammy nominations for his compositions and his concerts have been one of the most selling concerts. He performs in popular monuments like Taj Mahal in India.

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His music is really wonderful and it’s really fun to watch his live concerts. His music fills in a void in our soul. It’s truly breathtaking.

His music is really beautiful and you must listen to him.

2. Yiruma

Lee Ru-ma, popularly known by his stage name, Yiruma is a popular pop pianist and composer. He was born on February of 1978 and is south Korean.

His compositions have become really popular as they are really pleasant to hear and are very romantic.

River flows in you is one of my most favourite songs ever. It is so beautifully composed and takes the audience to the moon and back.

3. Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi was born in Italy in November 1955. He first pursued classical music but then went ahead and included other styles such as pop, rock, world music and folk music. He is a pianist and a composer.

In 2016, he collaborated with Greenpeace and even took many video shootings in the Arctic.

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4. Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman was born in December 1953 in Paris, France. His music is more easy listening, instrumental pop, classical and semi classical. His music contains some of the best romantic pop melodies. He has 267 gold and 70 platinum albums to his credit. He has also been called as the “most successful pianist in the world” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

His song, starlight serenade, is one of my most favourite pieces. It is not only romantic but has a happy tune to it which is like heaven to my ears.

5. Michael Nyman

Michael Nyman is an English composer and pianist who was born in March 1944. His sound track, “the piano” has won many awards including the golden globe, BAFTA, Ivor Novello Award. This piece of music has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

6. Lang Lang

Lang Lang is a Chinese pianist who was born in June of 1982. Lang Lang is being loved by critics because of his great enthusiasm and technique. He has the complete mastery of the piano. He has always captured the hearts of his audience and is a very unique pianist.

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There are many other pianists and composers you will come across on your own once you get into this kind of music. People with different taste prefer different artists but I hope that you like at least one of the aforesaid musicians.

Other classical musicians you could check out are Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, Chopin and Bach.