6 Mysterious Beliefs and Conspiracies Around The World


We are normally intrigued by the mysteries, conspiracies and secrets of the world. It is in human nature to know about something that differs from the norm. We always try to make ourselves known to the world where we can indulge in the mysteries that are yet to be solved, conspiracies and secrets that are yet to be known. Here are some of the famous mysteries and conspiracy theories around the world that have got attention and interest of the people for many decades.


  1. Illuminati is a secret society consists of people who believe themselves to be ‘illuminated’ or ‘enlightened’ and capable of running the world on their beliefs. This shadowy organization has been featured by Dan Brown in his famous novel ‘Angels and Demons’. He has also featured other powerful societies like ‘Opus Dei’ and ‘The Priory of Sion’ in his best selling novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’.


  1. It is believed that the deaths of some famous personalities were the result of the minds of some sinister groups. Sinister groups were responsible for the deaths of US President Abraham Lincoln, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, musician John Lennon and Princess Diana. The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy is associated with the Mafias as some people claim while others believe it to be the work of Russian spies.question-mark-96288_640
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  1. Some inventions that will benefit the people in long running terms like the light bulbs that will last forever and the ways of running cars on water, are believed to be hushed up by the big businesses and oil companies for the fear of loss of income if these new technologies become available.


  1. It is believed that Roswell, New Mexico is the place on Earth where aliens have crashed down and their bodies and spacecrafts have been secretly examined in a place in Nevada, USA known as ‘Area 51’. It is also claimed that US government has acquired the advanced weapon and space travel technology from them.


  1. The photos of ‘Apollo’ Moon landings in 1969 are believed to be faked by NASA in a TV studio. ‘Evidence’ has been provided by some conspiracy theorists such as the wrong sort of shadows and lack of stars in the photographs, which were supposedly taken on the moon’s surface. They have even suggested that some astronauts were killed as part of the cover up.
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  1. Elvis sightings are yet another mystery. Elvis Presley was a singing legend who died on 16 August 1977. Many people have claimed all over the world to have seen Elvis since his death for example in supermarkets, at petrol stations, even working in burger bars. There is also a museum named ‘Elvis is Alive’ in Wright and a society has also been formed which is devoted to Elvis sightings.5346978404_51f6be394c_o