Lots of companies are evolving in this opportunistic world day by day. But few have made themselves huge .they are known as the big daddy’s of the modern market. They got immense skill to sell their products through strategies. So let’s figure out why they are so successful by taking these steps.

  1. CADBURY       CAD

When we hear Cadbury we generally think about dairy milk chocolate which is obvious to think but don’t forget my friends it’s so effective MNC which it is now. Generally the image of dairy milk is put upon our minds as the soul product of the company but these marketing strategies blew like a rocket. Cadbury has a huge share in Indian market than other brands. You must be a television viewer and must have seen the advertisement done by Amitabh Bacchan. This is called marketing through brand reprehensive it matters a lot.  There are thousand many visuals and hording on shops, roads polls and other stuff. Usage of cinema, radio and press is been vital for its sales success. it has flourished alot.

  1. UBER       uber images
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Staying in popular cities of India you aren’t need to wave your hands for hours and yell taxi!!! To stop a cab. Uber has made it say for you to call up a cab on your doorstep just by using a simple application. it has been an evolution to transportation sector. Brands like paytm have come up with the idea of paytm wallet which provides you to have free rides. This is great skill used by te company .they have made it worth by taking such steps. the service provided by driver is better .It has able to brake the traditional way of taking a cab .uber has come up with low price ride and discount schemes on the ride by taking on regularity . I suggest do uber to make your ride a awesome one.


“Hey i bought an iphone 6 why dont you get it” is the query i do when we talk about the most trending American electronic company. People love to use the iphones , macbooks and ipads. Do you know why do people buy theses gadgets being even expensive than other brands .One word I would prefer “luxury” . This brand has build up its marketing strategies by satisfying people making them feel rich. Plus point is that apple has come up with secure usage devices which less chances of internal faults and damages. They got the best operating system in the world in cell phones and is always has a first mover advantages due to high technology. Apple is using china has its manufacturing hub due to cheap labour and more profits . They have proved themselves to be different and better than others .

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You must have gone through the popular tone of airtel. Bharti airtel has shown themselves as no.1 telecommunication brand in india . It is operatable in more than 20 nations worldwide .Airtel has targeted the age group (18-25) which is the youth of India. Watching India’s population this age group will be occupying more than 50% in no less time. This strategy hit like fire in jungle. they are able to charge more in internet packs due to there on time performance .Airtel is till rolling there prices everyday with better performance and making there strategies and make money.

  1. DOMINOSdom

When my stomach wants some delicious pizzas i hit dominos. Dominos has come up with point outs like cheap, on time, good service, delivery. These four features have made it work for them. They are also come up with targeting the youth rather than that they have cheap prices with no delivery charges. They quoted a minimum 30 minutes span time to make u reach hot pizzas at your doorstep .There efficiency in making delivery made them possible to be so popular in this chain. They came up with innovative food and moved forward.

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This has been one of the most popular footwear brands worldwide. Brothers Adolf and Rudolf started making shoes 1924. Puma’s logo has shown the power of the beast or panther. There vision is to be fair, honest, creative, and positive. It has diversification in product