6 Interesting facts about college elections


College elections are very interesting and conceptual in a way people think. There are many committees and a student union among which students contest as a candidate to get vote and exercise their power. A lot of skills and marketing strategy is required in getting the votes of the students which makes the college elections a essential part of a life. A good marketing manager can be made by playing a role in college elections whether believe it or not. From free movie tickets to free dinner, everything is for free given to other students so as to get maximum votes and win the elections. Let’s make you familiar about the interesting facts of college elections:

  1. More than two panels, one winning party


There is a panel and a rival panel on the other side who fight against each other to win elections. Panel consists of various posts like the president, vice chair, secretary, organizing heads etc. which people choose according to some criteria and contest for it. You will not believe that the marketing strategy that they choose is really amazing. One fact is that you get things for free like movie tickets, meals etc. You will see that all day some of them keep approaching people and beg for some votes which might land them up in a better position. Talking about the rivalry against the panels, they keep creating mastermind plans to keep the target audience to their side and pull students from one side to another. It’s like pulling each student’s leg.

2. Free Free Free

Rajasthan University President Election Result 2014 College Wise

Free as in you enjoy first couple of months in a luxury as they offer you many things and stuffs for free like meal tickets, chips, movie tickets and concert tickets. There is a university election and college elections in which university elections have a budget in crores which are invested in giving free tickets and other stuffs. Just imagine how much courage and hard work and also money is needed to contest in university elections though a college election does not require a huge investment. Taking the case of delhi university elections, they are having elections on mid September and from the first day, they are campaigning more seriously than BJP and Congress. This is all what elections are all about and its offers and promotional methods.

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3. Doesn’t let you feel lonely


The only fact that someone becomes so close to you is because elections have come. Whenever you are alone in your college campus and people start approaching you, beware because elections have come in your way. They ask you and some introduction of yours and after sometime they start impressing you about some interesting things which ends up in begging votes for their panels. They tell you their credentials and their importance and ask you to decide your candidate. They don’t let you to feel lonely and always are keen to run around people to beg some votes.

4. Don’t give a hell after elections

Some candidates are so promising with their promises and ask you to vote them but after the elections are over, they just don’t care about you. This might be not e valid for all the people but those who voted on the faith of some returns ends up in disappointment. If before the elections, they know you then the other moment; they just don’t care after winning the elections. If only you are dedicated towards your candidate, you can expect something out of it otherwise it is just a piece of shit. Elections are what suppose to be in a legal way but often many controversies and discrepancies take place which is a common feature of any high elections. Like BJP Elections, only those people get recognition who worked for elections and rest who enjoyed it are left with nothing.

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5. Pitching


It is one of the most important parts of elections which are called pitching. Here all the candidates boasts up their credentials and tell to the people and in return ask for votes. In the other way around, they rush all around the campus to pitch what they should be chosen and not the other persons. They adopt some promotional measures which they use to meet the votes of the target audience. The main thing I like about elections is that it improves your communication skills which are very great and helpful in your life because this is going to be needed in every field you opt for in your life.

6. Agendas


Agendas are the plans that they will work upon if they win elections. They prepare various agendas as in a layout and plans that they are going to change in the system of the campus to make it a better place to study. They explain their agendas to the people and ask for the same vote again to them. One agenda can be that they will provide a good sanitation system for students. Though the agendas are not fully promised, but they do satisfy some of the main promise done and that is a good point of elections that they offer students a wide range of promises and good promises to go a step forward.

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Whatever the reason behind contesting the elections is, but one thing that everyone loves about the elections is the offers that student get and enjoy voting. All the expense that one incurs in the elections is covered after winning the elections by organizing fests and parties. It is the best first some months of struggle that people do but after the win, everything is just so normal and cool because the amount which they have spent is not exactly they recover from fests but they earn up to 10 times what they invest in elections. These has been a unique trend these days because of the hard work shown by all the candidates and lat thing which matters is that choose the right candidate which is deserved.