6 films you didn’t know were based on Shakespeare plays


There are so many people who don’t know that these movies are based on Shakespeare plays. It may be that many of you have watched this movie, but you did not know. As we know, English literature is known for shakespeare. Even one of the scholars has said that Shakespeare is known for all ages. He has written so many novels and plays. He wrote both comedies and tragedies. His four tragedies are King Lear, Othello, Hamlet, and Macbeth. He has written many comedies such as As you like it, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, etc. His plays are so interesting that movies must be made on these plays. Even his most work is inspirational. All these have a great story that gives you goosebumps. If you are a literature student, then these movies can help you a lot. 

In this article, you will meet with 6 movies that are based on Shakespeare plays. If you are interested, then you can watch these movies. 

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She’s The Man: Twelfth Night

She’s The Man movie is based on one of Shakespeare’s best plays known as Twelfth Night. It was released in 2006. You can get this movie on any platform. It has a 6.3 rating out of 10 in Imdb. In the movie, Viola Hastings, who is here, is an ace soccer player. It is an American comedy movie with the most interesting things and happenings. 

Omkara: Othello

Omkara was also released in 2006, and it was also based on Othello. The movie has won an award for its best performance. So this award-winning play displays the story of a politician. He rises quickly from the bottom because of becoming a candidate for elections in UP, India. As we know that Othello was a tragedy, so you will also get a tragic flaw in the Omkara movie. 

The Lion King: Hamlet

The Lion King movie is based on the Hamlet tragedy of Shakespeare. This adventurer’s movie comes with two parts that were released in 2004. The movie is presented with a cartoonish look. If you like to read Shakespeare’s works, then you must watch this movie. There are so many themes that are available in Hamlet as well as The Lion King, such as fatal flaw, hamartia, etc. 

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Let The Devil Wear Black: Hamlet

The other movie, Let The Devil Wear Black, is also based on Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The movie was released in 1999. It has 5.1 ratings out of 10 according to Imdb rating. The story is all about investigation and doubt. Where the student starts to investigate after his father’s death, it was so because they had heard that his uncle and mother are involved in this case. 

Ran: King Lear

The Ran movie is directed by one of the great admirers of Shakespeare. Ran movie was released in 1985, which was a magnum opus work of the director. After getting inspiration from the King Lear work of Shakespeare, he made this movie. 

West Side Story: Romeo And Juliet

West Side Story was released in 1961 which was based on a great comedy by Shakespeare. Even many of us give the example of Romeo and Juliet, which is a romantic comedy. 

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