6 famous street foods of South India Metros that you should never miss


One might be capable of eating in the city’s finest restaurants and one could have tried and tasted different dishes which are tagged as the best in their class. How much you earn and how much you eat the real appetite is satisfied by the street food items. The joy of eating them is always the best one. They are like stress busters too and on top of it Economical.  South India is well known for its tasty food and spices, here are the 6 best street foods you should taste in metros of South India like Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. So when you were in quest of food better taste these items first..

1) Kothu Parota – Chennai 

Time to change your perception that Chennai is only good for Idly and Sambar. Chennai has many good foods and recipes which were applauded in International level. Kothu Parota is one of the Chennai’s own street food which is irresistible to taste. The Parota is made into fine small pieces and is fried on the pan with Chicken gravy and pepper powder. It is further pounded by  sharp item which makes the parota to absorb the gravy. This is served hot and believe us you would order one more.

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2) Boti kebab – Hyderabad 

When it is tasty and spicy food it is always Hyderabad which takes the top most place in the list. The Boti Kebab is one of the famous street food that you should never hesitate to eat more. The tender mutton is touched with spicy masala and grilled with fresh herbs which gives it the best aroma and taste. The Boti Kebab is one of the famous foods of Nizam and it is said that he even suggested some add on to make it much more tasty.


3) Butter Masala Dosa – Bengaluru 

Karnataka is well known for its Dosa and Bajji’s, especially the Dosa which is available in Bengaluru are the best one in the country. There are more than 170+ type of variety dosa’s available in Bengaluru. However, Butter Masala Dosa  makes top into this list. The flour mix is spread evenly on Pan and fresh butter is applied all over. Once the dosa is roasted it is stuffed with yummy Masala and special chilly powder. Now should I tell this crispy yet softy Dosa is Bengaluru’s famous.

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4) Attho – Chennai

When you visit the streets of Parrys in Chennai a pleasant aroma will pull you towards stalls which sell this Burman food. Yup, Attho is burman born and entertaining Chennai. Aatho is made of special type thick noodles which is extensively mixed with spices and some vegetables. Now this noodles will be served with Cucumber soup which are garnished with fried onion. Trust us you will prefer this food daily instead of dinner if you once taste this.


5) Paaya with Bun – Hyderabad 

“Paaya Sherwa”, a soup like dish which is made with the legs of lamb is one of the best protein valued and taste filled food. This Paaya Sherwa is garnished with fried onions and served with fresh bun which is a perfect substitute for any food. Paaya sherwa can also be consumed just like a soup and it will never disappoint you.


6) Banglore Mirchi Bajji – Bengaluru 

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Banglore Mirchi bajji has that spicy touch which would not hurt your tongue but make you mouth watering. Banglore Mirchi bajji is stuffed with onions and coriander chutney and at last it is garnished with fried ground nut chops which would make you to instantly eat that without a second thought. Should we say more than this that your stomach would ask for one more.