6 facts one should know about Paris attack – CCTV Footage which will make you Cry


It was in January of this year where Paris, world’s romantic city has seen a terrorists attack killing more than 20 people. The country has been keeping hawk eye on all suspects and taking necessary precautions to eradicate the terrorism making the Paris the best city to live in. However, 13th of November is not a normal day for the Paris people who have witnessed the biggest attacks in the history of Paris. Paris is known to be the peaceful city of all times but from past two years terrorists were making this city as a prime target to show the world how powerful they are attacking one of the strongest country which proclaim to have the worlds best Air Force. Here are the 6 facts one should know about the Paris attack.


1) Three explosions happened outside of the stadium not two explosions

That was  friendly soccer match between France and Germany nations happening in Stande De France and suddenly a heavy crackling sound is heard inspite of ear breaking crowd cheering. The sound was high on decibel and could be heard clearly in the videos. The sound was possibly by the suicide hostages who would have exploded themselves in the nearby restaurant. The explosions were reported to two but many eye witnesses said that they have heard of three explosions.

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2) France President was present at the friendly match when explosions happened

It was a close miss for the France president Hollande. Once the explosions were boomed he was rushed out of the stadium under a defensive circle. The people were let out of the stadium in groups without any stampede happening. It was not sure that whether president was their target but one can’t trade off that too.

3) France has declared emergency in Paris after 71 years

It was during 2nd world war that France has declared emergency in Paris and it is today again after 71 years france has declared emergency today, adding it has also closed it international borders as a preventive measure. France was one of the nation which has opposed the homages from Mediterranean region to enter into Europe, but later on humanity perspective it has allowed them.


4) Attack on the Concert is so brutal in the history which took life of youngsters  

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“Three men without any masks have entered into the Bataclan Concert hall,they haven’t said anything not they have shouted. They started to shoot at the people one after the another with Kalashnikov” – said one of the witness who was survived. Nearly 150 rounds of the bullets were shot which have taken 100 peoples life. This act is the most brutal act in the history of France. People who were shot dead were all below 35 years only.


5) The Targeted six locations were all crowded places 

Reportedly the attack was taken place at 6 locations in the Paris. All the six locations were crowded on Friday evenings and terrorists have target the places where usually less checking will be happened. The Paris streets were all filtered in order find any hostages and attackers.


6) Eiffel towers goes dark 

In order to pay homage for the deceased citizens Eiffel tower has gone dark. Usually the tower doesn’t turn completely dark even during the Zero hour. Many people who stay nearby Eiffel tower were proclaiming that they feel like they missed something.

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