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6 Facts About the Moon


Do you know, actually what is the Moon? Wanna know the formation of the Moon? Wanna know some amazing facts about the Moon?

The Moon is an astronomical body which is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system. It was the Galileo who gave the physical details about the moon first. So let us see the formation and the things related to the moon. The moon has 3475 km diameter and it is the 5th largest satellite in the solar system. 

Formation of the moon

The Earth has formed 4.5 billion ago, at that very time there was no existence of the moon. Once a big Asteroid collided with the earth and the millions of pieces spread in the universe. Some of the pieces started revolving around the earth owing to the earth’s gravitational force. Most of the pieces gathered together and took the shape of the satellite called the Moon. It is the only natural satellite of the earth. 

Now, have a keen look on some amazing facts of the Moon. You will get here unheard facts which will really help you in collecting knowledge. 

  1. Do you know the shape of the moon and how the shape changed? 

What you see doesn’t happen. Actually it appears round but it is spherical in shape. You can just compare with any ball which is slightly flattened. Earlier it was round but due to the gravitational force of the earth, its shape turned to oval.

  1. How many people stepped on the moon?

Yes, there are 12 men who went to the moon. First and last of them was Neil Armstrong in 1969 and Eugene Cernan in 1972 respectively. 

  1. What would be if one moon would be replaced with 3 lakhs moon?

When 3 lakhs moon would meet together then it would shine as 12 pm afternoon. The light would be as same as the exact afternoon. 

  1. Do you know, there would be a time come when the moon would appear like a star?

Yes, it’s a fact. When the moon was formed then the distance between the moon and the earth was 22000 km but now it became 384400km. Day to day the moon is falling apart 1.5 km. After 600 million years it would be hard to see.

  1. Spotting or stains on the moon

Approx 3.8 million ago, there collided many asteroids with the moon. You know, AITKEN is one of the deepest dents with 2000km width on the moon. You can compare the width to the distance between Mumbai and Kolkata. 

  1. Moon gravity = ⅙ th of the earth

If you have 60 kg weight on the earth then it would become 10 kg on the moon. 



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