6 evidences in support of extra terrestrial existence


Do aliens exist? This has been the question asked by the general people since time immemorial. Sure there have been sightings, stories of people claiming they were abducted by aliens and what not, but how many of these are real? This question remains a mystery. Many people have come forth to shed some light on the topic, to provide a point of view that would support the existence of aliens. Here is a list of rock-hard evidence which supports the claim that alien life does exist in our universe.

  1. Proof of alien existence goes way back into the past, when there was very little technological advancement. It can be seen in a painting called ‘The Madonna with Saint Giovannino‘. It was painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio in the 15th century! In the backdrop of the picture is a circular object in the sky and a man a dog can be seen staring at it. This goes on to show that certain unexplained sightings took place at that time too. m
  2. Even astronauts claim that they have seen UFO’s. Buzz Aldrin claimed to have seen an unidentified object while on the Apollo 11 mission. The crew saw a strange object and reported it. It seemed to them that it was not far away. Later, they were told that it was 6000 miles away. Nobody to this day knows what was it.
  3. I guess we all know about the Wow signal. If you don’t then read on. It was picked up by a group of researchers in Ohio state university. They claimed that it was coming from 220 million light years away. The signal was very strong and the researchers were confused as to how such a strong signal could be sent over such a long distance if there was no advanced technology anywhere else. wow-signal
  4. In 1961 Frank Drake devised an equation to estimate the probability of existence of alien life. Various factors were taken into consideration. It was then implemented in 2001. The result showed that there are hundreds of planets in the milky way itself that could support life. Think about the entire universe! There is sure to be somebody else out there.
  5. Area 51 is always surrounded in mystery as to what is going on there. Many theories have come up regarding Area 51 but they are speculations. What’s true is that an Area 51 scientist said that aliens exist and UFO sightings are real just before he died. His name was Boyd Bushman. He said that aliens are very real and are present and working in Area 51. Read all about it here Area-51
  6. A team of scientists headed by Professor Mainwright sent balloons into the stratosphere to collect space particles. What they found out was incredible! On the balloon surface was ‘The dragon particle‘ made up of carbon and oxygen (which support life). The scientists claimed that this was from outer space. dragonparticle
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There are a lot of other evidences which support that aliens do exist somewhere in the universe. Even the NASA has stated that it will be able to find alien life by 2025.