6 Essential Time-saving Hacks for Everyone


We all want to master our life but for that first we should learn to master our time.Time is the only thing we have to get stuff we want whether it’s the work we have to do, or indeed, the purposeful projects in our life. Time management is one of those wonderful topics with so many lessons and great mentors but its fair pertinence is not in everyone’s hand. Among the most important ways of time management, one is multi tasking . Only 2% of people can multi-task successfully . So instead of multi-tasking hard you must work smarter.

All busiest people out there,take a stroll and check out these 6 time saving hacks to get your daily chores done in least time:

Position All Belongings at one place:

To reach your work place at time, anything you need the next day should be kept at one place, every night. Especially keys, . No one likes a panic run around home in search of keys. Hang a key rack up next to the door and put the keys there. Find a good bench to keep your purse or other belongings there. Keeping these things together will save a lot of time and you’ll leave faster.

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Tie your shoe-laces in just 2 seconds:

Time for these small things matters a lot because no one likes laces flapping in the wind. Tying shoe-laces isn’t exactly a long, drawn-out process but for those people who are always in rush, every second counts. So find out easy and super-speedy way to tie your shoe-lace. Although it will take a while to learn this but once you got this it would be pretty easy and fun for you  when you are in a super-speedy way out to reach the place at time.

Tie your tie in just 10 seconds:

Although you opt for a number one trick for getting ready quickly by laying out your clothes the night before,the working day. Even then you get to the point where you’re already 5 minutes late, and find that you haven’t even tied your tie yet? So here is a method by which you can tie your tie in just ten seconds flat, meaning you can get out the door faster. It’ll take a bit of practice to learn—and you may have to adapt it to fit your preferred knot—but once you get it down, you’ll feel like a well-dressed version of The Flash.

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Know your most important tasks(MITs) :

Prioritize your work a day before leaving your home in the morning. Your To Do list may be endless. Choose the top five crash projects, prioritize them for a day, and work on them in order of superiority.

If you’re not sure what to work on next, ask yourself what’s your top priority at the moment.  If you get nothing else accomplished aside from your MITs, you’ve still had a pretty productive day.


After being done with your office work, schedule all your  personal life stuff .  Whatever time’s left over with uninterrupted blocks of work don’t spend all of it in doing daily home chores.Reward yourself with time for fun activities by getting your unscheduled home work in least time.

Get your homework done in least time:

Everyone’s always looking for a way to speed up laundry at home, the world’s most boring daily-grind, and nothing’s better than the tried-and-true Japanese t-shirt folding technique. In fact, it is such a no-time task that you can learn in no-time and once you get it down, it’s mind-blowing how fast you can get through your shirts. Check out the video above for a mind-blowing time-saving clothing tip while you’re at it.

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What’s your favorite time saving hack..?