6 Cutest Sayings To Woo Your Girlfriend’s Heart All Over Again!


If you are one of those lucky guys who have found the love of their lives, Congratulations! But, the feat isn’t over yet. Often, my guy friends confess to me that they thought the hardest part of it all was to approach a girl but it is now that they feel it’s even harder to hold on to their girlfriend and this got me thinking! Why do relationships fizzle out after some time? Why do guys and sometimes girls get disinterested in their partner after the honeymoon period? Is there something that can be done to prevent this?

I’m not saying that girls are not at fault too but at the risk of getting some major flak from the guy audience and based on some major heavy-drinking emotional outage from my guy friends, I can easily ascertain that for most guys it is the fact that the challenge is over for them. Most guys love the chase and once it’s over so is the chemistry even if they love their partner to bits. Yes, you can always buy flowers and chocolates to woo her but we have something in store for you which is free, which she won’t expect and which is definitely guaranteed to make her want to spend some more romantic moments with you!

If you love your girl and would like to hold on to her, here are a few sayings that can help you earn brownie points and put a smile to her face. Rekindle your love with her and see the relationship grow again!

  1. Imagine waking up to this message everyday –


Love is when you have a million things on your mind – work, schedules, chores, tensions, stress and amidst all that you think of the one person who’s smile could literally stop you in your path. If you just thought of her while reading this, let her know about it!

  1. No More Goodbyes, Only Goodnight! –


Every girl wishes for this and to be told that you wish the same is the perfect way to woo her and celebrate your love for each other. This is by far the best thing any guy can say to his girlfriend. Talking about a future, saying that you never wish to part, shows that you are as much invested in your relationship with her as she is!

  1. I miss sleeping next to you –


A great way to say goodnight to your girl friend, remind her that you miss her and not just for obvious reasons ;) Throw her off her game by explaining that you miss sleeping next to her as then you’ll miss her calm, sleeping face next to you in the morning; you’ll miss the way she struggles to steal the entire blanket while rolling around in her sleep; you’ll miss the way you hold and cuddle her while she sleeps to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Trust me, she’ll march in through that door with that pillow and blanket to be next to you.

  1. Save the last dance for me –


A major put off for all girl friends is clingy, possessive boyfriends who nag and get suspicious at every random thing – from a facebook status to a girls night out. Breathe! Let her spread her wings and fly away, only to come back and perch her sweet little backside next to you! Tell her that you are and always will be okay with her past, whatever it is; and show her by doing so. This will take your relationship to another level of trust and help you get your guard down. You do not find a soulmate by chasing her, begging her or giving her an ultimatum. Let her know that the past is and always will be the past and can never come between you both, and you look forward to the day when she saves her ‘last dance for you’. Hold her hand, gaze into her eyes and tell her you want to be her last everything, and watch her melt into your arms.

  1. All I want is to teleport myself to you –



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Yes, texting is fine, calling is even better but when I get to see you, that’s when I lose my mind and fall in love with you all over again. When she texts you next, just call her back saying that all you want is to kiss her through the phone and be with her. Tell her you could have just texted back with the reply but when it comes to her you feel feelings you can’t put in words.

  1. It’s not just You and Me; it’s US! –


Being with your love is not all roses and no thorns. Love comes with a lot of ups and downs. Yes, you will fight, only to make up. Yes, you will shout at each other, only to end up in giggles over something silly. Yes, you will need your space, but will also welcome that warm hug. What you need to remember is that no matter what life shows you too, you both want to be there for each other. That’s it! that’s the bottom line. Some days it’ll be about you, some days it’ll be about her, but every day will always end up with you both as ‘US’.

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Well, not all of us are born poets. Not all guys can write odes for their girlfriends. But do not despair as help is here! Coming from an out and out romantic, yours truly, use the above lines with the most genuine face and woo her back as she gazes adoringly at you and tells the whole world how lucky she is to have found you. Be prepared to earn the title of the most enviable boyfriend as girls secretly wish theirs to follow your lead and guys fall into queues to take pointers from the ‘Love Guru‘.