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Top 6 Information about Robin Sharma


Robin Sharma is much-known author as well as the marketing and intelligent advice experts for many of the top companies in the United States and other nations. By origin, He is Indian but brought up in a foreign country. Moreover, He is a great motivator and inspiration for all the people living on this earth. Robin Sharma’s parents are Shiv Sharma who is a Physician and mother is Shashi Sharma.

Robin Sharma aspires and inspires to achieve all those things that one loves. He says,” Do what you love, but not what others love”. He focuses on the secrets to achieving your passion and bucket list or wish list. To give a brief introduction about him, he served as a lawyer in India which was not his passion in any way, and then after some years of struggle, he waved himself to a new direction to do what he loves. He became a motivator to all the people around this world and experts for many companies to decide their success.

6 Things You Didn’t Know about Robin Sharma and his personal life

1. Writer Robin Sharma

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Robin is an amazing writer with true spirit and you get inspired by his words and all those small bit of sentence which motivates you to do and see yourself where you aspire to be in. He has written a book called” The monk who sold his Ferrari” which tells you about the fact that how a monk ends up getting nothing after being so rich just because he didn’t believe in his passion and dreams.

It is very true that Robin can be called as a wonderful writer that attracts people towards him by his words. His writing skills have that power that one can’t imagine simply because it really takes so much desperation and passion to make words feel like the real thing and he has done it successfully.

2. Robin Sharma is a Motivator

It is no doubt that Robin Sharma is a wonderful motivator. His motivating and inspirational skills have proved himself as well as others that there is nothing impossible in this world unless you start it. It is the mentality of our people that thinks that something may not work out but they don’t see the word “May not”. Who knows it may work sometime if you apply it very carefully.

In the sense, Always so your karma, and don’t think or expect about its result. He has motivated billions of people on this earth and is known as the greatest motivator on earth. His thoughts and sayings have prevailed everywhere and it doesn’t matter to him if something might not go right. All he wants to say that,

“Never let you down because nothing is permanent in this world, everything is temporary”

3. Robin Sharma is also an Expert advisor

To amaze you more about this leader, He is not an ordinary person that you will find easily. Instead, he has a great responsibility towards his earth to transform it in a way he wants it to be seen in the near future. He acts as an advisor related to growing aspects to many companies like AT, IBM, etc.

He delivers his skills that prove to be great enthusiasm for all the people working in the organization that leads it to grow. To more about him, he also put some interactive sessions during some period of time which gives people a platform to know more about him and it is really a plus point to you guys as well.

4. Robin Sharma’s Quotes

Another thing I would like to mention is that his thoughts and quotes are just fabulous. It mesmerizes the people who go through his thoughts and sayings because it motivates people to stand in a place they imagine themselves. Some of his quotes are already mentioned above which I hope is really inspirational for the readers.

It actually needs some strength to implement something and unless you don’t get started with it, you get nothing. Take it any field like music, business; entertainment, etc., his thoughts apply everywhere. Say it good or bad, the person who will do something know that it is worth reading and doing it.

5. Capability

With this word mentioned above is not talking about the normal capability of a person but it is about more than that. It takes power and determination to enhance your capability to do something which makes your dreams live in reality. He was a lawyer because his dad wanted him to be a lawyer but he hated it.

Then he changed his direction of life to live in a way he wanted it to live in and he has done it very nicely. It doesn’t matter that you have set your career or not but if you really are not enjoying what you want out of life, that’s sad. So what he says is that always aspire to make your dreams come true otherwise it will just be in a small box of chunk where nobody gives a damn about it.

6. Eminent Personality

He is indeed a Glorious personality in which every nation needs people like that. Every country believes that personality is what needed for the prosperity of a nation. Nothing can be compared with it because it is the first look that we get when we hear or see a person and Robin has left no stone unturned to fulfill his ambitions and he inspires everyone in this world to do the same what they love.

They have their own world and they are not living under somebody. They are the king and queen of themselves so better prepare yourself to make your own dreams otherwise someone will hire you to build theirs; is what I have learned myself all this life since I know this great leader and an enthusiastic person.

I personally take him my inspiration and learn great tons of learning that make me move forward in this small part of life. And then onwards I didn’t get the opportunity to look back again to my past because I know the direction that he has given me is worth it to take myself to a wonderful life.



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