6 Choreographers Who Shaped HIP-HOP AS We KNOW IT TODAY.



Generally referred as “STREET DANCING” emerged as a part of HIP-HOP culture in the early 1970s. It consists of a wide range of styles such as Breaking, Locking, and popping. There was a moment when they were all fading in the era of classical moves. However, it fought back for its existence and returned back with a marvelous Bang. These are the defenders who stood on the borderline for not only achieving respect for this dance form but also making it available for all.


1.Les Twins: Professionally knows as “THE LES TWINS” are a group of Two Twin brothers Laurent and larry Nicolas Bourgeois. A self-taught duo who become the beloved for the french audience in 2008. Born on December 6 (1988) the twins become the defending champion of the renowned international dance competition. Defeating over 353 dancers in 2011, the twins won HIP-HOP NEW STYLE DIVISION. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

2.Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo: Together know as NAPPYTABS. This coupleChoreographer become popular through some of the most renowned tv shows such as “so you think can dance” or “ Americans best dance crew”. Gradually moving into theaters they choreographed some of the best shows such as “ viva Elvis” Or “ The immortal world tour. They are also involved in charity events with the ones that support Dance arts.98283d4e90ae9d0afb2168d46182a72c3.Quick Crew: Instituted in 2004 they are on a mission to inspire, motivate and expose talents without perceptions. Wining some of the biggest events such as “NORWAY GOT TALENT”, they have appeared in front of big audiences and have made their way up to tv shows and dance programs. The Trio stands for the way of living, thinking and to inspire. Generally influenced by different Dance forms and HIP-HOP genre.maxresdefault

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4.KEONE MADRID: A 24-year-old guy on a journey to express his love for hip-hop dancing to the entire Dance world.Has performed with some of the Major Dance crew such as “FUTURE SHOCK SD”, “FORMALITY” etc. Currently on a world tour to teach dance in remote places with her wife Mariel Martin. Runs a joint youtube channel for choreographing stars and celebrities.ellenkim

5.Ellen Kim: Sharing her love and passion towards dancing across the entire globe as choreographer and dancer. She has worked with some of the renowned artists  Amerie, Snoop Dog, LL Cool J, Beyonce, STOMP and recently, Pharell Williams. Having more than 110,000 subscribers on her youtube channel she has been helping to spread HIP-HOP throughout the world. One of the most Popular videos” Booty work’ T-pain” earning more than 2million views within a week.maxresdefault (1)

6.Ian Eastwood:

Best known for his ultra smooth moves and dancing style. This guy has won enormous awards and has been conducting dance workshops across the globe. Having his own dressing style he always has wears young lion, representing his style. Has Worked with some of the most reputed Dance crews

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Such as Young lions, Millennium Dance Center, Coastal Dance. Has appearance on shows like Dance showdown, and Return of the superstar.