6 Best things about your Big Sister


Sisters argue, that usually leads into a  fight and then come the  tantrums . Sisters basically make life tougher for the each other. Tougher is actually an understatement .Okay but lets admit it : we can’t live without them. Big sisters are our strength and they our guardian angel. Ready to defend us at any time. Here are a few reasons we can’t live without these weird extensions of us…..

1. She  gives you the real talk

She doesn’t beat around the bush. She doesn’t try to be diplomatic. She doesn’t make excuses. Everything thing she wants to say will be said in the most practical and brash way ever. Sentences like “That’s the dumbest decision ever” or “You look hideous” can only be said by this one person.



2.She’ll be your rock.

Heartbreak, failures , downfalls will all come but you’ll survive it all. Because she’ll always be there on your side. Pushing you ahead , seeing the positive , encouraging you and helping you cope. In one sentence to encompass it:

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She’s your rock. Unchanging. Unmoving.


3. She drove you everywhere in high school

Okay, this was a tough one. Don’t like to admit it but she was your ride. Everywhere you got to go was because she agreed to drop you and pick you up. And most importantly wait all those times you were late. We are very grateful though we don’t say it.

4. She’s the person you copy

Another tough one to agree to but yes we copy you. I personally still raid her wardrobe to find stuff to wear and i guess its a tradition younger sisters will always follow. The logic behind this is that you look so good in it that we want to wear it and look gorgeous too. So next time be happy when we take your clothes and make up and shoes, we are just aspiring to be like you.


5. Your parents were just easier on you.

They made all the mistakes with her. But they even spoilt her more. And now they go a bit easy on you. One of the few benefits of being the younger one.

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6.Every time you see Frozen you relate to it

Who can not like Ana , the one out to help her sulky and adamant sister Elsa. On the other hand if Ana didn’t have an accident Else wouldn’t be so traumatised. An amazing movie showing all the sisterly bonds and unconditional love. Only love can melt a frozen heart.

P.S: She’s somehow always the prettier one. And that’s just unfair.


7. She made you the person you are.

She helped you. She pushed you.She protected you.She was never afraid to be herself, and proved that you shouldn’t be either. She taught you to take risks and never be afraid. She made you confident.

So to all the big sisters out there who think that younger sisters are just ungrateful brats all we want to say is that we love and adore you. Our world would be incomplete without you. ♥