Top 6 Healthy Beauty Benefits of Green Tea


This hot beverage has been like a magical drink since the time it arrived. Not only does it improves our health, studies have shown that green tea also has multiple beauty benefits. One can easily say that green tea is an all-rounder when it comes to health and beauty.

Most of you would know about the health benefits of green tea – green tea support weight loss, burns fat, boosts brain functioning, improves eyesight (yeah, it does!), healthy teeth, and whatnot.”. Name it and green tea is sure to help combat it in a way. But did you know that it has various beauty benefits too? For most of you, the answer would be no. Well, no need to worry. You don’t need to live your life in ignorance anymore.

Read on to find out the 6 beauty benefits (yay!) that green tea has to offer:

Combating Acne

It helps in combating acne. Acne brings back such painful memories for all of us. Green tea is known to decrease acne! Use the green tea as a face wash directly or dip the tea bag in water and then rub it on your face. You will definitely see positive results soon…

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UV Protection

Say bye-bye to the overpriced sunscreens. Green tea protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Whether you drink it or you apply it directly, it will block the sun rays. Keep this in mind when you visit the beach next time (use some with your regular sun-screen)…

Helps In Tightening The Skin

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Helps in tightening the skin (prevents wrinkles! what more could a girl want). Make a scrub using granulated sugar, green tea, and water. Use it and see the results for yourself. You may want to refrigerate the scrub if you want to keep on using it. You can also make a scrub using green tea, ground almonds, and curd. This can also be used to combat dandruff…

Reduce Eye Puffiness

We all have those days when our eyes are all puffed up and we look like we have cried through the entire K3G movie. Just soak the tea bags in water and then put them over your eyes for some time. You will notice that the puffiness has gone…

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Helps In Toning & Cleansing Your Skin

Just make green tea and allow it to cool. You can then apply it to your face using cotton balls. To keep on using it just refrigerate it in an airtight container…

Healthy Hair

Green tea does wonder for your hair. It brings back the shine to our hair and helps in lessening hair loss. Make a green tea hair tonic using a cup of hot water and a green tea bag (you can add some lemon juice if you want to). Apply this on your scalp using a cotton ball and leave for 20 minutes. After rinsing, you will get beautiful hair…

Final Words:

Green tea has many more helping and healing properties. So be sure to include it in your diet. It can also bring back shine to your nails if you soak them in it (another tip for you, just saved on that manicure!). The benefits of green tea are endless. So go buy that packet of green tea and see for yourself.