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6 bad carbs that are actually good for you


Carbohydrates are essential requirements for our body. They provide us with the energy to do our daily task. We are most concerned with the amount of intake of carbohydrates. Decide for yourself whether you need a healthy diet or a diet rich in carbohydrates. Gain there is a dilemma in choosing between bad and good carbs. Point to be noted is that conscious effort should be taken to choose the optimum amount of carbs for our body. Excess of everything is bad. Lots of effort is taken in choosing the most appropriate diet.

The most appropriate diet should consist of the optimum amount of nutrients. Amounts of intake of vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates have to optimum for a healthy body. a healthy lifestyle and eating habits also compensates for the increase in body nutrients. An excess amount of carbs may increase the diameter of your waist and other parts of the body.

People are often afraid to consume foods that have high carbohydrate contents. Carbohydrates are just organic compounds rich in sugar and glucose. The breakdown of the following organic compounds provides the energy for the body. Stay light and eat you feel like. Restricting yourself will only degrade your body functions.

The most popular carbohydrates products that are actually good for you are


This is one of the best food which rich in carbohydrates. People often consider that corns consist of bad carbohydrates. Though corns are rich in carbohydrate, it is never bad for a person who is consuming it in optimum amount.  Do not hesitate to eat corns when you get the opportunity of consumption of such good natural food product. Corns have a bad name in the food industry as most of the time it comes in packed containers. The nutrients contents are printed on the outside sticker of the containers. The high carb content is a concern for the foodies and for the people who are excessively health conscious.

Avoid all of these jitters and have the healthiest natural corns. Corns are rich in nutrients. They provide the most optimum amount of fibres and vitamin C. do not feel guilty while going for corns. Corns can be heated and burned in the natural form to be consumed directly. Another healthiest way of consumption of corn is making a vegetable salad. The vegetable salads with corn included in it help to detox the body of the various unwanted toxic elements that are inside our body.


Bananas are naturally occurring fruits, and they are nature delight. If you think that it is a waste of time thinking about this particular fruit, then you are wrong. This fruit is never bad for your body. Dieticians and Heath experts often claim it to be bad for health as it contains a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. But it is one of the most abundant fruit available on the surface of the earth. The most important fact about this delicacy is that bananas are easy to find, and they taste really good.

Bananas can be consumed every day, and it will never harm your body. It is the most preferred fruit when a person is sick. Bananas have the thick soft crust rich in organic minerals and carb content. To avoid feeling guilty, consumption of bananas becomes joyful with the fruit salads.

Breakfast Cereal

This is the most common food that is easily available all over the world. Still, people hesitate before consuming cereals. Cereals make the meals of the day. For breakfast cereals are a must. At the starting of the day, energy intake is the first criteria. The energy is what we need that will help us to complete our daily chores at the house or at the workplace. Cereals are naturally occurring vegetation. They are grown in the agricultural field, and they come without additives.

They are rich in protein fibres and carbs. A bowl of cereals for the morning breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day. This is one food rich in carbs and is extremely healthy for the body. It helps in toning the body by providing the optimum amount of calorie for the body to perform well throughout the day. Cereals are generally taken with cow’s milk or other nutritious drinks.

 White Potatoes

Patients who are suffering from high sugar contents in their blood often avoid white potatoes. But for a healthy person, consumption of white potatoes is the best. White potatoes are most easily naturally occurring vegetation throughout the world. This can be made into delicious dishes when combined with other vegetables.

White potatoes are fried in vegetable oils to serve with the snacks during the supper, or it can be had for lunch and dinner. Boiling of white potatoes is common in most of the kitchens worldwide. White potatoes are rich in naturally occurring nutrients for the body. A body which is suffering from malnutrition must have a daily meal consisting of white potatoes.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is the rich bakery product. The shape and the size of the bread is very fascinating. But health-conscious people fail to understand its importance. They think that consumption of sourdough bread will disturb their food habits and increase their body fat. This type of bread is widely available all over the world. The bread is famous amongst the mothers. The kids are provided with this bread while they are growing up.

The bread provides the most important nutrients to the body. It is rich in protein fibres and carbohydrates. Sourdough bread is consumed with butter or jam, or it is also used to make good sandwiches. The sourdough bread helps the body in the digestion process.

Green Peas

This is the favourite of all carbs that lots of people avoid. They have a higher carb and sugar content. That makes them appear on the list of the low carb diet in the food industry. Green peas are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that provide anti-inflammatory activities inside our bodies.

The rich contents of the peas make it a must for the people suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer, particularly stomach cancer. It helps to clear out toxic elements from the body by fighting against the elements that are unwanted. They can be consumed directly or boiled with potatoes. The widest area of use of peas is cooking it with other vegetables or making veggie salads.



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