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50 Most Beautiful And Fragrant Flowers In The World


Flowers can light up a dull day, brighten a sour mood and decorate the simplest of interiors in the most profound manner. Countless romantic poets have written pages after pages regarding the beauty of flowers, and yet, words fall short when you take in the essence of a beautiful flower or behold the plethora of colours. Here are some of the fascinating flowers chosen from the gardens of the world-


Beautiful And Fragrant Flowers

The most beautiful, the most coveted and the most beautifully smelling of all- rose inevitably occupies a unique position in all lovers’ hearts for millennia.


The bulb-like shape of tulips makes them a classic symbol of redemption. There are various colours, and each colour signifies a different emotion.


Often extravagant in its shape and colour, Orchid in instrumental in decorating home and also stand for charm and affection to the loved ones.


Another iconic flower that packs utility in the garb of beauty, Sunflower is the source of many poetic inspirations and the healthy sunflower cooking oil.


It is the flower of sadness. These white coloured flowers evoke softness and melancholy and have a peaceful presence.


Golden yellow in hue, daffodils have been immortalised by Wordsworth and are often associated with a new beginning. Always give a bouquet of daffodils if you are to gift anyone special.


One of the most common flowers in your garden, Marigold comes in vibrant colour variants and is the traditional source of positivity.


Lotus is a flower of divinity to many religions and often, represents the ultimate beauty through its complexly structured petals.


The national flower of Mexico, Dahlia is the symbolic flower of survival that comes in sombrely dark hues like red, bronze and purple.


Unusually tall, Gladioli appears in a vast variety of purple, orange, yellow, etc. and are found in warmer countries.


Classically used in crowning events throughout history, the pinkish purple one is the most common variant of this flower.


Often employed in Japanese fables as the sign of friendship and loyalty, Chrysanthemums come in yellow, red, white and other varieties.

Apple Blossom

Known for the strong odour, it is often an ancient symbol of love and an ancient tool of decoration to keep the home sweet scented.


Often posed a symbol of passionate desire, if not unrequited ones, Camellia is a favourite of the poets and known for its delicate petals.


Iris is more commonly known because of the fleur-de-ilis symbol, but its white variant is often the symbol of chastity.


Lilacs are one of the most beautifully coloured flowers, making them a choice for lovers who believe in innocent love.


Traditionally grown in China and having a mesmerising smell, it used to be found in rich peoples’ homes as a symbol of honour.

Sweet Pea

With its softly coloured delicate petals and beautiful smell, sweet pea is employed in making cosmetic products.


Magnolia does have petals, and yet, it is regarded as a flower of vitality. There are various shades of pink, purple and white.


Lavender’s beautiful smell, intimate look and robust-looking stems are dear to all. It’s widely used in cosmetics too.


Alternatively known as Buttercup, it is an exotic flower that radiates the yellow and red or pink and white, depending on the combination.


Similar in looks to Lavender, Stock also evokes fascinating fragrance and is a symbol of romance.


Commonly used in bouquets, it is also known as sea lavender.


One of the oldest surviving flowers and undoubtedly unique looking, this flower represents unity in diversity.

Queen Anne’s lace

Incredibly beautiful when grown in bunches; this flower is as graceful as Queen Anne herself.


Star shaped and leafy looking, Poinsettia starts like a leaf and then transforms into a vibrantly coloured plant.


Despite being wildflowers, they are widely noted for being carriers of the deceptively fascinating people’s souls.


This flower belongs to the warmth of Mexico and Texas and is remarkably similar to tulips in looks.


Bell-shaped and evoking citrus-like fragrance, it is a flower of friendship that continues to grow.


Usually known as Larkspur, you can gift a bunch of the blue variants to an eccentric person to let them know their nature.


Cluster-like in shape and coming with a thin stem, white and pink are the most common variants of this flower.


Another of the poets’ favourites, daisies is one of the oldest flowers in use, and they are often associated with freshness and innocence.


Having a pompom-like shape because of the several star-shaped petals, the flower symbolises extreme emotions.


Symbolic of the patient waiting, among the lovers, the white or red variant of this flower tend to have a yellow centre for identification.

Bird of Paradise

Exotic in shape, colour and size, it looks like the legendary bird’s plumage and beak.


Found widely in meadows, heather is a symbol of protection and solitude.


Anthurium is a tropical flower whose heart-shaped petals symbolise joy.


A typical flower of calmness, Anemone is the flower of divinity to the Greeks because of its mythological roots.


Stunningly beautiful because of its cuplike shape and diverging petals, it is the source of the saffron spice too.


Widely known as Belladonna, the name itself suggests that it is the ageless symbol of radiant beauty.


Known to commoners as Peruvian Lily, it is the symbol of an everlasting friendship and is often found in Spain.


Intensely coloured, Pansy looks like a man entrenched in thought and are often gifted by lovers.

Cherry Blossom

One of the most attractive flowers of Japan, it is a classic symbol of an industrious personality.


A flower of melancholy, Cypress is widely used in funerals.


Belonging to Asia Pacific and widely used for religious purposes, it comes in widely varied colours.


Jasmine is globally known as the symbol of beauty and carries a positive meaning.

Morning Glory

The flower is famous for surviving for only a day and is star-shaped.


Delicate bunches of this flower comes in many other colour variants beyond violet.


Vibrantly coloured in red, pink and yellow, they bring positivity by their look.


Laurels were awarded to great heroes as a sign of recognition. Mostly white and found in Mediterranean region, it is another flower that has been there for millennia.

Gift Your Loved Ones

Each one of these, flowers are gorgeous and fragrant. So, if you’re looking to gift someone a flower, you can now pick one of these depending on what you want to convey.



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