5 yet to be solved mysteries


In the present age of technology and science there are very few things which remain unknown. But still there are certain things, old and new, which are yet to be solved. In fact, there are certain things which have existed for a long time and there is still no explanations as how or what or when or where. Read on to find out a few of them and do tell your favorite!

  1. The Mary Celeste – It was originally called Amazon, initially British (launched in 1861), it later became part of the American registration in 1868. It deserves a mention because it was found deserted and the only lifeboat missing. This happened on December 4, 1872 when it was found sailing off the Azores Islands with food and alcohol still present. None of the crew was ever found again. There have been many speculations about what happened to the crew but that’s just what they are, speculations. m
  2. Taos Hum – In New Mexico, there is a place called Taos. About 2 percent of the residents have been reported to hear it. They have described it as far-off diesel engine, a low frequency sound. The reason it is a mystery is because none of the electronic equipment can pick it up. It’s source remains unknown. m2
  3. The Shroud of Turin – It is a linen cloth, 4.37 m in length and 1.13 m in width. It bears the image of a man. It is speculated that the man in the image is Jesus Christ himself. The reason behind is speculation is that the man appears to be in pain, particularly that of crucifixion. It still remains a mystery because the source (time and place) of this cloth are unknown. m1
  4. The Voynich Manuscript – Filled with diagrams, illustrations and unknown text, this manuscript is believed to be originated in the early 15th century. The place of origin is unknown and so is the text written inside. Many code-breakers have tried and failed to decipher the text. Nobody knows what is written inside. m3
  5. The Beale ciphers – They are a set of three cipher-texts of which only one is solved. It is rumored that these cipher-texts reveal the location where treasure worth a lot (in millions!) is buried. Of these only one is solved. It describes the treasure content. The other two (one with the location and the other with the names of owners) are yet to be solved. m4
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These are some of the mind-boggling mysteries which haven’t been solved till date, even with the advanced technology and algorithms. What say? Do you want to give it a try?