5 worst things about going to college away from home


There are many perks of staying away from home. Most of us enjoy it. But there are a few problems faced by every student living away from home. Even if you have a lot of good facilities, you miss home.

1. Home-made food is missed.

homemade food
homemade food

When the students go away from home, they enjoy the freedom of eating anything anytime with friends. But as the time passes, they start hating all the junk food. They start looking for small restaurants in search of homemade food. When they go home in vacation, they have a long list of dishes that they want to eat. They do not agree to go out for a dinner or lunch, they prefer eating simple food at home. They take a lot of food with them while travelling to college. They eat more than anybody else in the house when they are home after a long time.

2. Laundry is the biggest problem.

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lost in laundary
lost in laundry

Young students face a lot of problem in washing and managing clothes when they go out especially the pampered one’s. When at home, we never have to take care of the laundry. Moms do it for us. But when you live away from home, you have to do it yourself. There are times when they have to iron their clothes but also study. You have to do everything on your own when you are away from home.

3. You have to miss most of the family functions and parties.


Being far away from home, you have to miss most of the family functions. You loose the chance to dance and enjoy with your family. Most of the times, you just get to see the pictures uploaded on Facebook. You even miss the chance to buy wedding clothes. You are not part of the conversations of your cousins for at least 3-4 months.

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4. You have to travel alone.


You cannot just hop in your car and reach home. You have to carry your luggage all the way to the airport and get it security checked. There is no body to talk to you in between the travel time. You have to be careful about your luggage. Even if you want to go to the loo on the airport, you have to take your luggage along. You have to eat alone with your luggage. You have to talk to the airport staff and convince them that your luggage is less that the weight allowed on board.

5. homesickness


At least once in a month, you feel homesick. There are times, when you feel like running back to home and never come back. You miss your parents, your siblings, your bedroom and your dog. You get jealous of your friends living close to college. You talk to your mom many times on phone and convince yourself that you’ll go back home very soon.