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5 ways with which you can keep the fire up also in winter


Often it has been noticed that during winters many of the couples may think about sex but do not actually come up with it. The maximum thing that is done is to cuddle each other on a couch in front of a fireplace or sleep together holding each other. But the question is that why do you have to leave your sex life go into hibernation during the winter times. Sex can be pleasurable and beneficial for you in all seasons and hence winters are also the perfect time to enjoy it with your partner.  

Now if somehow you are not able to do that then here are 5 very basic ways that can get back your spark in your sex life even when it is chilling cold outside.

Being spontaneous

It may happen in a long term relationship that after a few years, the excitement or being intimate with your partner may drop down. Especially when it a cold dark winter night, you and your partner may choose to cover up yourselves and sleep rather than getting some enjoyable moment. To come out of this boring schedule, you should start being spontaneous. On a Sunday, plan out suddenly a picnic in your garden under the warm winter sun of the afternoon. When your partner is at work and is about to come home, take the initiative to get dressed attractively and go to his or her workplace in the chilling evening to pick him or her, go out for a dinner or coffee to have some sizzling talks and then come back home in the same mood.

Also, while you are at home, you plan suddenly plan out an environment with fireplace, wines, the favorite dish of your partner and of course getting yourself dressed in an appealing way. These things surely do magic, and if you leave your laziness at bay, you can enjoy your sex life during the winters also.

Being affectionate

It is quite normal that during winters you will be covering yourself with warm clothes all the time. But you must have felt that when your partner touches you suddenly on your bare skin, it passes a sensation in your nerves, and you feel the warmth from the inside. This also excites you and your partner encouraging you to start up an intimate moment. Whether you are at home or outside somewhere, try out touching each other beneath the clothes. Go for a massage session together or get immersed together in a hot-water tub. Touching and such sensations release the hormone oxytocin that helps you get a feeling of bond and also make you get intimate with each other.

Smooching actual works

In the initial stages of your relationship, you must have experienced a lot of kissing and smooching but later on after few years this often disappears. Lips are known to be the most sensitive part of human body and hence when you start smooching passionately, you also start getting sensations and feelings that ultimately leads you to something that is very intimate.

Take care of your lips properly during winters, not only by applying balm but with also in various other ways so that it can be a pleasure for your partner. Keep your lips away from dead cells and roughness and keep it soft, glowing and attractive all the time. Women can create some magic with wonderful shimmer colors that may attract the partner to kiss the lips. Also, women can try out tricks like chewing and sucking the lower lips in front of the partner that works every time. The end talk is that you to bring back those intimate moments back even in winter keep kissing every day and make chances for long and passionate smooches.

Planning a holiday

When was the last time you went out for a romantic holiday trip together? If you are not comfortable with the winter blues, then this is the best time when you can plan up for some destinations that are warm and offer you the best comfortable environment. When you start planning your trip and start your arrangements, this very time only your sensations get high. Research and study about various romantic places to visit and romantic things to do at that particular place where you are visiting. This definitely brings in a new energy in you both and no doubt when you start executing these planning; you land up having a wonderful holiday full of excitement and fun. Also, post-holiday times are also great when you return back home in the same mood and stay connected to each other in the same way how you were there on your holiday trip.

Try something new

It is not necessary that trying to woo each other will actually work for all the couples. If you are such a couple, then there are other ideas for you to heat up your relationship once more. The best way is to try different makeovers. Change hairstyles or change the way you dress or even try to change the way you behave. There are a number of times when your changed look can gain extra attention from your partner, and this can change the boring schedule of your daily life. As per the researchers and experts one more thing that partners can is to behave with each other like strangers while going through this makeover session. While you show off your new look, if you have distance with your partner, this rises up the temperature even more and helps you to gain back the spark in your life once again.

Also you both can start taking something new together. You both can join the same yoga class, or swimming sessions or even a dancing class. Often it has been noticed that doing this can help you and your partner to see a new look of each other that can excite you both once again for each other. It depends upon the hobbies of the partners about what they would wish to do together such as cooking, dancing or something else.



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