5 ways to stay way from ditcher friend


“Sorry yaar aaj nehi hoga” (Sorry friend, I cannot make it today) is the most common statement that your ditcher friend will give you when your friends group is ready with the plan. Switch off the phone, not answering the call, lame excuses are the various reasons that come from such friend and gives you irritation. At times, you will feel that the reasons are genuine, but if it becomes a regular habit- you are smart enough to sense the behavior of so called “ditcher” friend. I hope, most of you will agree with me and you have at least one friend in your group whom you want to call a real “ditcher” to flop your fun with friends. Here’s how you can handle such ditchers:


1. Tell your friend

Confront to your friend about his or her regular habit only when the time is right. Next time, you make a Sunday Brunch plan and when your friend shows interest in the same asks, “Are you sure you will go this time? Last time, you cancelled the plan of our party.” Your voice should not sound harsh and add a bit of humor and sarcasm. I am sure, you will get your point and accordingly you can decide your next move.

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2. Turn the Situation

While making a plan, do not keep the ditcher in your mind. You make and finalize the plan with your other friends and inform your so-called ditcher friend. For example- “Hi, we are meeting over a dinner at so and so restaurant in 1 hour. Are you interested to join?” If he or she agrees, then it’s absolutely fine and if not, then it’s not your loss darling!

groupie3. Groupie

Making yourself sad and miss the opportunity to meet your circle for such an irresponsible friend, is not your cup of tea. Make your own plan and move on to have some fun with your groupie. Always be with such friends who care for your emotions, love you and have time for you. They are your true friends and not the one who ditches you last moment. It feels very bad!


4. Share the load

Whatever is the situation, you cannot ignore such friend because he or she is the part of your friends circle. In that case, give some responsibility in the shoulder and check out his or her reaction. Say like: “we have decided to have Sunday lunch fun at your place”. It will make the friend answerable to the entire group and you can assess the mood of the friend.



5. Move ahead

Finally, if all the plans fails, then it is smart to avoid this friend from your circle and move ahead with your responsible friends. You should not have any guilt if the concerned person did not bother to make any effort. You can smartly make good and exciting plans with your other friends in the circle and have a gala time with them. Invest your time in good friends and enjoy your life with true friends.

Taste every moment of good friendship and nourish your relationship at its best.