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5 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Beautiful Makeover


Striking, warm, and relaxing bedrooms: you gaze over them, pin and re-pin on Pinterest, drool over their images in glossy home décor magazines and sigh over them on showrooms and interior design websites. But, like most people, if you also shrug off the idea and dream that you could have a bedroom as picture-perfect and just as cosy, these makeover ideas will help plan the room of your dreams.

To give your bedroom a 360-degree makeover, you will have to get into intricacies and take care of even the minutest things like mismatched furnishings, cluttered corners, improper lighting and unpleasant colours. So, with the festive spirit in mind, let’s begin the makeover journey.


  • An Intricately Designed Headboard

Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so invest in a headboard that goes well with the overall décor of the space and also stands out is the first step. Replace the old one with something that speaks volumes about your interior designing skills and also uplifts the luxury quotient of the room. You can make it stand out by giving it a tufted finish in linen or velvet. If there are gorgeous carvings on the border, nothing better than that.


  • Dress Up the Ceiling

Dressing up the ceiling is often the last thing that comes to any homeowner’s mind. Well, it’s not even their fault as the majority of the ceiling space is covered by the fan. One of the top ways to give your ceiling a touch of class and luxury is by installing false ceiling and then dressing it up with lights. Keep away from old fixtures and install stylish lights in rich-hued shades. You can even dress the corners with small chandeliers in pleasing designs and subtle accents.


  • Introduce an Accent Wall

The intimate and oh-so-gorgeous vibe of your bedroom is just a wall away. Choose one wall of the room (preferably the one behind the bed) and paint it in synergy with the rest of the décor. You can even opt for wallpaper if you don’t want to get into the mess that paint leaves behind. The only rule to follow when defining an accent wall is to choose a colour or pattern that stands out and creates a striking appearance. Make sure the shade of the wall creates complete contrast with the headboard, so they both work individually to infuse a touch of beauty to your bedroom.


  • Mirror It Up!

Mirrors instantly add charm and a decorative touch to any space. If you are planning to give your bedroom a minimalist touch, mirrors will work like magic. A huge mirror with a large decorative frame will not only create a luxurious feel but also make the room appear larger and infuse light to it. However, make sure the mirror is strategically placed while keeping the Feng Shui rules for bedroom mirrors in mind.


  • Add a Chic Touch to the Windows

Once you have everything else sorted, it’s time to add a chic touch to the windows. Ill-treated windows can decrease the overall look of the room. A wise choice is to invest in drapes and blinds that match rest of the elements of the room while infusing an aura of sophistication. Proper window treatments not only make the room appear bigger but also work wonders in creating a private environment. So, don’t hesitate in bringing home a few drapes and blinds when planning a bedroom makeover.


How to Budget Your Goal?

These five ways will give your bedroom the much-needed touch of coziness while changing the look completely. While some of these require a small amount of investment, others are a bit high on budget. But, don’t fret! If you are a bit tight on budget, an instant loan can help your makeover dream happen. An instant loan from financial institutions can be your best bet for short-term cash requirement. Moreover, financial institutions like ABFL Direct offer many instant loan benefits like approval within 30 minutes without any documentation for sanction, a flexible tenure etc. Moreover, if you apply for an instant loan online, it is quick, fast and easy.


Final Words!

Remember, any makeover project is like a road trip that can fail terribly without proper planning and clear directions in mind. So, do your homework well before kickstarting the bedroom makeover project.




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