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5 Ways to get Stress Free During Board Exams


Board Exams are one of the most important exams, a student faces in life. During Boards, different students grow into an undesirable situation of what to study and what not to study. This creates so much stress in themselves that they end up taking some unwanted steps in life.

During exams, a student should be free of mind and should be calm and composed, because, during exams, a calm and composed student will do better than a stressful student. No matter a student is weak or good in studies. Stress-free students can secure good marks in exams. 

Here we bring to you some simple steps to follow during exams which will help a student to be stress-free:

1- Time Management

Time management is the key factor to be noted to be stress-free during board exams. Managing time properly and during as per the time-table will lead you to success. Don’t spend your too much time on one thing, try different things. It will change your mood as well as will make you self determined towards your target. Focus on your main task and try to finish it on time. Studies should be a burden for a student. Try to finish the required task at the time assigned by you. Do not wait for yesterday. 

Managing time in those 3 hours of your exam will lead to success. 

2- Meditation and Exercise 

Meditation during exams is helpful for the proper functioning of your body during exams. Mediation of around 10 minutes for a student is necessary. Mediation leads to inheriting calm,  relaxes the mood from all type of unethical activities.

When other activities are capturing your minds, you should meditate for a while. Exercise will make you fresh and will help to concentrate on their studies. Students should not spend their time on electronic gadgets. 

3- Spend Some time With your Elders

Spending time with Elders will give you experience. Spend time with your seniors, makeategy for exams, how to plan for studies and these all-important tips will lead to success in exams. Talking to parents, siblings will also boost your strength. Hearing from someone about their experiences, their way of planning in the exams will give you a clue about it. 

If you feel demotivated some time try to take assistance from your Elders. They will help you out. 

4- Practise Previous Years Papers 

Practising previous years papers will boost your confidence and will help you in your preparations. If you practise last year’s papers, that will help you interact with the papers and will get an idea to handle paper in those pressure building 3 hours. Stress can only be released by solving various questions of different types and getting the idea of solving questions in minimum time. 

Practising more and more will make you perfect in your work and will lead to success in your exams. 

5- Cut out Distractions

Distractions waste your time, and they distract your mind from your goal. Distractions include busy in your mobile on various social media sites and wasting time engaging in all these activities. 

Ignoring these things for one or two months will lead to success, the student should manage time in doing these activities also. They should watch some motivational videos to get motivated by it and should work according to it. If you are finding difficult to switch off from these apps, kindly uninstall it for some days. It will surely lead to success. 

These are some of the key steps to follow to be stress-free during board exams. 


                    ALL THE BEST! 




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