5 Ways to detect a lie


It is really hard to trust anyone as you never know when someone is fooling you by lying. Either the person is your partner, your friend or a stranger anyone can lie to you at any point of time for their own benefits.To know if someone is lying to you or not you do not need a lie detector machine. All you need is to take a look at the following points.


1. Body Language: You will rarely see a person”s palm when he is lying. Being comfortable with showing your palm while talking is a sign of honesty. Liar usually put their hands in pockets while lying.

Liar also touch their nose or ears many times when they are telling you a lie story. They do this when their subconscious  mind sends them signals that they are doing something immoral.

2.Poor eye contact: Poor eye contact is another sign of a liar. When a person is lying to you he will keep looking the things around you and avoid eye contact with you. When someone is looking top right when telling you something then the person is recalling what had happened and when the person is looking top left then he is probably making his own story means there is high possibility the the person is lying.

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3. Change in the story: If the person is lying you will notice a bit change in the story every time it is discussed. This is because the liar will not remember every word he said and he will add something new to the story or remove something that he had said before. This is a sign that person is lying.


4. Anxiety: Every liar feel anxious. Spot the state of anxiety by seeing if the person bites nail, change the sitting position frequently, sweating or tapping hands on his lap.Try to talk more and more about the subject to make the person more anxious and detect the lie.

Anxious person find difficulty in speaking the right words and doing the right actions. Body of an anxious person also become rigid in some cases because he want to prevent others on paying attention to him.


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5. Speaking slowly: While telling you a false story a liar always make the story in his mind while talking to you. This will result in low speed of talking. Liar will also stop many times while talking to think what to say. If you notice this sign in someone then there are high chances that he is lying to you.

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So next time when you are in doubt that someone is telling the truth or not just see these signs in the person and you will easily be able to know if he is lying or telling the truth. If you see these signs you can tell them that I love the way you lie.