5 ways to deal when someone suddenly vanishes away from your life


Has this ever happened to you that all of a sudden a person has disappeared from your life and that person is not responding to you at all? It can be your girlfriend, boyfriend or such a friend of yours. This term of breakup is known as ghosting in this new world of technology. In this new technology world, you may see that the person is coming online on Whatsapp but he or she is not checking your messages. There are many people who do not give a damn to such situations and easily move ahead in life. While, there are also others who are not able to overcome such situations very easily.

It has to be understood that everyone has their own self-esteem, and hence you should always respect yourself first. If someone is ignoring your or avoiding you despite your efforts of contacting that person, then this is something against your self-esteem. Life is a big journey, and many will come, and many will go, stopping for someone is only leading you to self-destruction.

If you are facing such a situation of ghosting, then here are some specific steps that you can follow to come out of such situation easily.

Keep away from social networking for a couple of days

Social networking is the new way to peep into other’s life easily. Even if you are not peeping, then also some such things may come in front of you that may hurt you. Suppose, you have broken up with your boyfriend, and he has gone out suddenly from your life, and then surely do not check your Facebook for few days. It may happen that you might see a picture of your boyfriend having some great time with his new girlfriend. This will depress you more and will not allow you to move on in life. Not only Facebook, even in Whatsapp but your girlfriend may also have put such a status that may hurt you to the core.

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Apart from these, also social networking is the best way to connect your entire friend easily. It may happen that whenever you are coming online some of your common friends may ask you about your boyfriend or girlfriend. This may put you in a situation where you will be not able to answer anything and again you will reach a situation of being stagnant. So, it is a strict ‘no’ to social media till the time you don’t get normal.

Do not run after an explanation

The human mind is such that your questions will never end. Even if your boyfriend or girlfriend has explained you the reasons for the breakup, still you may have a number of questions in your mind that you wish to ask. Quite obviously, if again there is a situation when a person is avoiding you without explaining your any reason, then you will have a huge list of questions to ask. But your curiosity will not end because it may happen that the person will never ever revert back to your again. So, the simple thing is that do not force for seeking any kind of explanation. If you have a couple of questions in your mind, write a mail to the person with all your questions arranged in a proper manner and then leave it on the person whether he or she reply to it or not. It has been noticed that if you are not running after a person, that person may come back to settle up things with you. But if you will keep on irritating him or her with your regular questions, then that person may not even like to think of talking to you.

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Learning from the experience

Now there is no use crying over the spilled milk. In place of remembering and crying about what has gone, you should analyze that what where your mistakes in the relationship. If you give some time to yourself and stay calm, then this can be the best time when you can see things in the correct way. You can realize what where your wrong decisions and what were the things that you should have done. Learn from these mistakes and be sure that you will not repeat these mistakes again in your future.  Maybe you were with the wrong person, or maybe you could not continue due to some of your habits. Analyze these things and next times when you enter in some other relationship keep in your mind about these things so that the same thing does not happen to you again.


Care for yourself

In place of thinking about the past and getting depressed, it is much fruitful to take care of yourself. It has been noticed that when a relationship breaks everything seems shattered, and your daily routine also gets disturbed. It has been also seen that in order to try to mend the relationship many people do not take care of themselves and often get trapped in a number of ailments or problems. Do not let this thing happen to you. Yes, you may get disturbed for two days, but after the third day, you should start pulling up your socks. Start maintaining your daily schedule effectively, take proper care of yourself, and start to love yourself. Get a makeover if you wish to get a fresh start and move on in your life to experience a new journey.

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Do not talk about it

Any wound, whether physical or emotional takes the time to get healed. If you keep on talking about the incident, you will never be able to forget it. The best way is to not to talk about it, rather indulge yourself in some other things or other activities. Keep yourself busy by joining a new art class or going out with your friends. The more you will restrain yourself from talking about it, the faster you will be able to come out if the depressed situation. A time will finally come, when if you remember about it, you may feel a bit bad, but will not get hurt again.