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5 Smart Ways Deal with Oversmart Person


In today’s viable world people want to illustrate their abilities to companies and how imperative they are but some are becoming over smart people. They are always impatient to show their elegance and make themselves highlighted amongst others. They always take credits for the work that they have not done etc. In my view, I don’t like these kinds of people but sometimes we have to bear with this kind of person. So in this article, I will explain a different way of dealing with over smart people.

5 ways to teach an over-smart person a lesson – Topcount

1. Try to avoid

Try to ignore them as that will hurt them indirectly. These people try to do less work and get more results by showing over smartness. If you avoid them, they will think that you are not competing with them which will mentally keep you motivated towards your work and make him confused if he/she is going to get the result as you are not noticing maybe no one is noticing there work so they may not get the results. If you still think this person is hard to bear, try to minimize the contact with them and avoid as much as possible.

2. Never Argue

These kinds of people believe that they are the canniest people on earth. Do not mess up with that sensation otherwise, you will be unable to deal with them. Complete your task with them and let them do whatever they want to do. If you do your work, you will get the result but if you argue that may spoil your effort.

Try to work with them in spite of arguing openly with them. If you do this, they will never understand your way of smart work because they consider that they are smarter then you. Uphold a gracious and civil mode with them whatever they say. Keep yourself tranquil and composed. The sooner they start noticing you that you are not in competition with them they will be driven to treat you better than earlier.

3. Utilize his knowledge

I would suggest utilizing his knowledge to achieve your targets. If this person feels exciting, I would advise you to publicly recognize and utilize his/her knowledge by assigning challenging assignments in his/her areas of proficiency, and therefore check how he applies and contributes his knowledge. The need to “demonstrate” his intellect will be alleviated when, with your guidance, it can be suitably used and profit your department or group.


You might assign him as project lead roles in his areas of specialization, for example, and be clear about when it is suitable to work together on decision making, etc., and how you would like to be well-versed of progress, activities, etc. This way the person can be accredited for the profit he brings, and you get the pleasure of guiding his future career development. Who recognizes, this person may be of great provision to you, and also may be glad for the prospects you gave him.

4. Don’t act to be smart

The instant a person determines a plot or a game that was frolicked against him he swiftly tries to attest to his enemies that he was clever enough to find out their plan and that’s entirely wrong. An actual mastermind can make an over smart person feel safe by performing like a fool. Let them go on with their strategy while seeming to be completely susceptible and then at the right time we can foray back where there will be no time left for them for a counter-attack.

It is the same as running from a mugger up until you trap him to a dead-end where you have formerly agreed with the cop to wait for you there. That criminal will feel safe as he will ruminate that he is in a situation of power and as soon as he reaches that place where you wanted him to reach he will see the police waiting for him eagerly. You may not want to act too smart as well in order not to make new enemies.

Out of the wish to display off their over smartness, many smart people make the blunder of revealing the way the plot. Intellect is not measured by your IQ alone but its also calculated by your capability to rheostat the sentiments that can avert you from being intelligent. Even if you identify the right things to do you will still be doing the wrong thing if you do not succeed to switch your emotions. When you don’t display how your mind works, the over smart person will get astonished by your movements and forget preparing themselves.

5. Act on it

Now that you got your feelings handled, you still have to compact with the feasibilities of this person and their consequence on your life. Sometimes it’s sufficient to just achieve your sentiments, but other times it’s not, you would need to take action to deal with the situation.

In this case, I will need to use my lucidity and intelligence to select what to do, liable on the specifics of the situation. It’s like playing chess and if I do this, then how will the opposite person counter? Even with illogical and hurtful people, their conduct is often expectable to some extent if you know something about them. Human deeds are always purposeful, but it can be tough to figure out the other person’s intentions. Use what you do know to antedate their retorts to various possible actions you may try. Your info may be lacking, but try the best you can.

6. Remove the person from your mind

This is a bit exciting, but sometimes it’s the best preference. If your property-owner is really wicked, consider shifting the house. If your superior or colleagues are irritating, leave. Many years ago I told my friend I could no longer continue to have friendship with him because he was intensely into software piracy, and I just did not like that kind of impact in my life.



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