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5 Ways in Which Daily Soaps Affect Us


Television is undoubtedly a superb mode of entertainment and has successfully revolutionized our lives. Very rarely it happens today that we feel bored at home, because this so called idiot box consumes us so much that we can sit in front of it for the entire day. And what is usually seen running on television in most of the homes these days are daily soaps. A very good proportion of our population has a craze for these TV serials. Obviously this craze would have an impact in some or the other way. Let’s have a look at a few ways in which these daily soaps have affected our daily lives.


1. We cite examples

We get into a habit of bringing in our knowledge of the daily soaps in every conversation. From somewhere or the other, we connect a real life situation to the scenario once shown in some daily soap. While insulting or praising a person, we generally draw a comparison to some character and start elucidating how that character is worth a praise or dislike. Many a times it happens that an action of ours is referred to some xyz character of a daily soap by our elders and in the process of discussing the consequences of that act, the entire episode of that serial is narrated.

2. Engage in chit-chat

Citing examples is a different story, people usually start a conversation especially to discuss what’s going on in different daily soaps. And once the stage is set, everyone in the group gives his/her views and a proper group discussion scene is created. A deep analysis is done of the popular TV serials and all the characters one by one. This is a kind of conversation people especially women in India are really fond of and participate in it with gusto. To be more specific, women who are housewives are the biggest fans of these daily soaps and usually provide the maximum content in a talk revolving around these.

3. Plan our schedule accordingly

Daily soap lovers are not at all willing to miss even a single episode. They make all efforts to ensure that they remain free when their serial is on air. Women finish their household chores keeping in mind that they should have nothing else to do at that time. And if unfortunately some urgent work occurs, they will watch the repeat episode later in the night or on the next day. This actually shows the intensity of craze people have for daily soaps in India.

4. Feel the pain of our beloved character

This is a pretty interesting fact. People get so much attached to the characters of the daily soaps that they begin to feel his/her pain. Not only do they empathize with the character, but even start crying seeing his/her sufferings. By the way, it’s a normal human tendency that we feel bad if someone close to us is in distress and these TV serial characters are definitely close to the heart of many.

5. Throw dialogues

Not just of movies, but daily soaps’ dialogues are also on our tips every time. For expressing anger, love, comedy or any other emotion, we have our dialogues ready which are either as it is copied or inspired from the daily soaps.




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