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5 Ways To Give Your Old Smartphone A Make-Over!!



“What does life work on? — A Smartphone”

Smartphones are owned by almost everyone now. From our grandfathers trying to figure out WhatsApp in the most adorable way … to our little siblings possibly having higher scores in the trending games… smartphones are and will be for a foreseen future be a vital part in our lives.

Every 6 months a new model or a new design hits the markets and shakes it as never before!
Even though we don’t buy an iPhone we keep track of which models come out…how they’re different from previous models etc.

Some days we take a leap and buy that one smartphone which we think is best for us even if our wallets cry out of emptiness. (Pun-Intended)

But using a smartphone when there’s so many better badder bigger models out there gets boring.

Here are 5 Ways to make your old smartphone more interesting….
Let’s give it a makeover, Shall we?

#1 Grab a new case

A case can provide more than just protection.

It can change the whole look of your old smartphone…and make it seem entirely new.
Maybe you have been using a basic black cover… how about swapping it for a bright fire-ry red? Or a case with your favourite Superhero’s logo? Or go Transparent- Naked …Anything that makes it look different.


#2 New launcher and themes

Covers are on the outside.

On the “inside” of the smartphone, a lot can be changed too. We spend a lot of time on the home screen…the one that greets you when you turn it on. There are makeover options here as well.

Change your wallpaper. Keep changing it frequently.

Maybe colours or pictures which look vibrant than usual.

Also Themes–

Android users can choose from a huge assortment of themes and launchers that can vividly transform a smartphone’s user interface (UI).

For example, if you always liked the look of Windows Mobile (RIP), SquareHome 2 brings a similar “metro” UI to your Android smartphone. And the Nova Launcher offers thousands of icon themes to give you nearly any user interface style you want…
you can keep trying a new one each week!

#3 Make your phone water proof!

Grab a Waterproof case!
As simple as that! And then maybe go jump into a swimming pool and take underwater selfies! (Wear your floaters if you don’t know how to swim 😛  Just saying.)


#4 Speed enhancers

Here are a few speed enhancing tips:

Uninstall apps you don’t use anymore.
Come on now… we all have such applications. It’s time to let them go and make space…!

Clear out cached data

If you don’t want to uninstall apps, clearing out the temporary data they’ve stored up is almost as good as.
(From Settings, tap Apps then pick whichever app of choice. Tap the Storage heading on the next screen then Clear cache to do some digital freeing and cleaning.)

There’s nothing wrong or bad about this cached data.
It’s actually intended to make your apps faster however over months and years these caches can sometimes become overstuffed and the cause of some slowness on your device. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your important data.

#5 Custom Rom

This Tip of the article involves a little work. However the results at the end makes it all worthwhile.
Let us tell you, there’s no better way to get that “brand-new-phone” feeling than by replacing your entire operating system. This is exactly what installing a custom ROM will do for you.

To start, you’ll have to do some research and find the right custom ROM that fits your smartphone.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to install a Custom Recovery. After this the difficult part is done and things get a lot easier, because flashing the ROM itself is actually quite simple.

You will have to check various websites because it changes for some smartphones.
Try out the link below for starters.

How to install a Custom ROM.


So that was our list of tips to give your smartphone a makeover!
Let us know what you are planning on doing!
Leave us your answers and some love in the comments below!



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