5 very unique prisons in the world


Movies and TV shows have shown us what prisons generally look like. They have helped form a certain image in our minds about prisons. Dark, dingy cells, unhygienic living conditions, inedible food, inhumane behavior, etc. are some things one expects to find in a prison. However, not every prison is the same. There are some prisons which are beyond our expectations. They can make prisons feel like home.

Here is a list of 5 prisons that you didn’t know existed:

1. Fortezza Medicea Prison

Image source: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00635/news-graphics-2007-_635983a.jpg

This prison is in Volterra, Italy. Italian food and mafia are world-famous. What could be more exciting than mafias preparing  mouth-watering food! This is the best place to be for a criminal who loves food. The quality of food here is no less than a top restaurant. They have an exquisite menu and the food is prepared by the inmates themselves.

What’s more interesting is that they have a restaurant open for public inside the prison. Tables are booked in advance and the restaurant is always crowded.


2. Halden Prison

Image source : http://binscorner.com/mails/b/best-prison-in-the-world/13338999411.jpg
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This is one of the most peaceful  prisons one would ever come across. It is in Halden, Norway. Although it is a high security prison, there is nothing that would make one feel intimidated. All the cells have private bathrooms, mini fridges, flat screen TV sets and, windows with no bars that let the scenic beauty of the forest in.

Inmates are provided with good food, tea, coffee, library, recording studio, activities room, etc. Private rooms with all the facilities are also provided for family or individual visits.

This prison is no less than an abode of peace for criminals to set their minds free towards the right path.


3.  San Pedro Prison

Image source: http://www.terraproject.net/sashimi_uploads/san-pedro_01-1272127939_XL.jpg

It is in La Paz, Bolivia. It houses 1,500 inmates. It looks less like a prison and more like a society with children playing, shopping stalls, hotel, etc. It is divided into sections where the rich inmates can buy a luxury cell with a private bathroom (sometimes fitted with Jacuzzi, too) , cable TV and a kitchen. Here, one can live life king size if he/she is rich enough to buy his/her own cell.

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There are no guards, at least not in uniform. This prison is a separate world in itself. It hosts a lot of tourists and is a thriving correctional facility.


4. Aranjuez Prison

Image source : http://i.chirkup.me/00/00/44/4457_728x.jpg

It is in Aranjuez, Spain. The most peculiar feature about this prison is the importance it gives to families. Prison may not be a place for children but this place proves otherwise. This prison has cells for families. It is famous for its five-star cells for families. The walls of this prison are painted with Disney characters. The children here have a normal childhood. They go to nursery school, play with other children and bond with their own families. The toddlers stay in the prison until they are three after which they are sent to live with their relatives.

The cells have a double bed, private bathroom, crib of toys and a window facing outside the prison.

It becomes a home away from home for prisoners.


5. Justizzentrum Leoben Prison

Image source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/SwOQFycrjTBLAJPyxdzXRC_fdzdUVuMypweqaITyJmqzqAveVy8qq3VXwG8UD9E4750aOQlIP7JnmmNi_vkOy8idr56owETblYQ6mlReNrGrERO1JqoQArzJiqnMCQ=w493-h298-nc
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It is also known as the Justice Centre Leoben. It is in Styria, Austria. It houses 205 inmates. It is popularly known as the “Five-star prison”. It is better than most of our homes. It has a variety of recreational facilities and is more like a resort rather than a prison. It has a grand glass building which looks like a corporate office. It has a beautiful landscape. The cells look like college dorms.

Although it is luxury abode yet it does not deter from reminding its inmates that it is actually a prison.

It is most common for robbers. So, if you happen to be in that area and have nowhere to go, a petty theft can get you a ticket to this fine setting.