5 vague questions that people ask you


Despite of the intelligence and the education, people tend to ask a few questions that don’t actually make any sense. You might have heard people asking such questions but not have noticed. Such questions are humorous as well as annoying at times.

1. Oh! so are you having coffee? (meeting in Starbucks)

When you meet people in restaurants, they tend to ask silly questions like, oh! so you having coffee? which is so obvious if you are holding a coffee mug sitting in Starbucks. They might see a sizzler plate on the table and ask oh! so you had a sizzler. Actually when you meet by chance you get puzzled and you end up asking silly questions like this.

2. Why are you so fair? where did you get that flawless skin from?

I got that skin from the market next to link road! LOL. Such questions are really silly to ask. Fair people can totally relate to this. Sometimes you are just not in the mood for these type of questions. But being a social person you have to smile.

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3. Okay. Are you shopping? (in a shopping mall)

When you meet someone in a shopping mall and they ask you, are you shopping? This is a very irrelevant question to ask from a person carrying a shopping bag in a shopping mall. These type of questions are hilarious but most of us do not notice and end up nodding our heads with a smile.

4. Are you travelling to Delhi? (meeting in a train to Delhi)

When you meet somebody while travelling to a place, people ask you, oh! so you are going to Delhi?
This is so obvious that if you are sitting and meeting in a train heading to Delhi, you are going to Delhi.

5. Am i looking fat in this dress?

Dude, if you are fat you will look fat, the dress does not matter. You usually have to tell such people who yea you look fine. But people need to understand that it is weird to ask somebody if you look fat or skinny because obviously nobody is going to tell you the truth. You must judge your clothes on your own.

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6. Am I late?

If you know the time of the event, you obviously know how late you have arrived to the venue. If you are coming 1 hour post the invitation time, yes, you are late. Getting a fake answer is just not fair. Be on time or just admit that you are late.