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5 unusual buildings in the world


Over the years we have seen the finesse of various painters and architects. Normally, there are certain rules to abide by when constructing a building, so that you know, it doesn’t fall (JK ). When we look around ourselves, it is pretty seldom that we catch something out of the ordinary. The buildings, designs are essentially the same. And so, when something different catches our eye, it is a delight (different in a good way, obviously!). And when the architect brings out his / her artistic side (all of them are artistic, that goes without saying), it is a feast for the eye! Here are some ‘different’ buildings which will surely delight you!

  1. Kansas City Public Library – Present in Missouri, United States, it is built in the heart of Kansas City. This project was undertaken keeping just one thing in mind, to breathe new life into downtown. And, the people helped choose the books! They were asked to pick out books which represent the city of Kansas. The titles put forth were then used to design the exterior of the parking garage. Not only is it a highly impressive design but, it also helps in motivating the people to use the public library. I, for one would definitely like to see it for myself! lib
  2. Cubic houses – These are built in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The idea for these houses came in the 1970’s. Piet Blom was the master designer behind this ingenious idea! He also built a few of these in Helmond. He was asked to design a housing arrangement on top of a pedestrian bridge and he came up with this! Each cube of the entire building represents an abstract tree and as such, the entire housing becomes a forest! Clever. 
  3. Crooked house – Locate in Sopot, it is the most photographed building in Poland, and for good reason! Though I would definitely be a little afraid to go in. The architect of this house is Szotynscy Zaleski and the house is spread over a good 4000 square meters! 
  4. Stone house – It is located in Fafe, Guimarães (Portugal). It might look fake but it is absolutely real and is built between two rocks! It resembles the Flintstones’ house. It has bullet proof windows and a steel door! It is definitely a beautiful example of the amalgamation of modern architecture with the stone age style. I would certainly like to live in it! 
  5. Capital Gate – Located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it has the Guinness World record for ‘World’s furthest leaning man-made tower’. It leans 18 degrees, which is 4 times greater than the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 

The list definitely does not end here but, these are the buildings with their own flair of something different. You definitely won’t see them just outside your house!



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