5 Ultimate Reasons Why Self-Reward is Important for You


    There are many ways to make yourself happy, one of the ultimate things you can do is by giving yourself a reward when you successfully achieve something. Giving yourself a self-reward does not mean that you are selfish or throwing your money for unimportant things, because in actuality there are tons of benefits from self-reward that you can get. It is also one of the best ways to show yourself some love!

    What is self-reward?

    As the name suggests, self-reward is an act of rewarding yourself. The award you’ve given yourself is done to ensure it can give you pleasure and satisfaction because you have done a good action or achieved your goal.

    Rewarding yourself with a gift can help to increase the feeling of pleasure you feel. Gifts can also be given in various forms, such as shopping, having a vacation, or taking time off to take a break from your busy work.  You can choose any form of gift that you know you will love to have!

    What is the importance of self-reward?

    The main reason why you should give yourself a self-reward is because you deserve it. Self-reward is not always about the success that you’ve achieved. At times, even if you fail, you still deserve to reward yourself for the efforts that have been made. The main point of self-reward is how you respect yourself.

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    Not only that, but self-rewards can also affect your brain and thus you will be able to generate positive emotions. These positive emotions will affect how your awareness works, you will believe that the efforts that you’ve made will eventually produce something good.

    Here are the 5 reasons why giving a self-reward is really important and beneficial for yourself.

    1.    Improve your motivation

    It is no secret that gifts can be a good reason to keep you motivated to achieve your goals. This is because, when behavior is followed by pleasant results, we tend to want to repeat the success we achieve. This is also the case when you give a reward to yourself on a special occasion, your motivation will improve and you will aim to do more to ensure you achieve your goal.

    Self-reward will be an injection of encouragement for you, and you will be more motivated to continue to give your best. Thus, whenever you reach the set target, you should give yourself a self-reward. That way, you will be more productive and your competitive spirit will continue to rise.

    2.    Increase productivity

    Have you noticed that your productivity has dropped lately?  If so, maybe you need a self-reward to boost it! In line with strengthening motivation, giving yourself self-rewards will also increase your productivity.

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    According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people who receive immediate and frequent rewards for completing small tasks have a higher interest and more enjoyment in their work. In other words, when you reward yourselves after you complete a difficult job, it will boost your happiness level. This feeling of happiness will have an impact on increasing productivity and satisfaction.

    3.    Enhance mental health

    Rewarding yourself with things you enjoy is the definite way to reduce stress. When your stress level is reduced, your mental health can also be improved. Therefore, by trying to give self-rewards in the form of doing things that you enjoy, it can be the most powerful medicine to release fatigue and stress. You will become energized after pampering yourself. Afterward, you are ready to start activities with a fresher mind.

    4.    Self-reward is a sign of Self-Love

    By giving self-rewards, you have started small steps to love yourself. Self-reward will spur you to continue to give your best. Since you’ve worked hard, you should reward yourself with meaningful things. Remember that the journey of finding happiness within should start by loving yourself.

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    You have the right to enjoy your hard work. Take time to enjoy your time. Go to the dream place you’ve been dreaming of. You have the right to enjoy your hard work to please yourself! Self-reward is a small step to making you happy in a positive way.

    5.    As a form of reward for all your hard work

    Self-reward is not something excessive. You deserve to receive an award for successfully completing all tasks. Self-reward can be in the form of vacations, shopping, going to music concerts, or eating out at your favorite restaurants. 

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