5 Types of WhatsApp Groups & Their Funny Reality Fact


We could count those smartphone users on fingers who don’t use WhatsApp these days. WhatsApp already has reached 1.5 billion downloads in Play Store and near to a billion on AppStore. According to the analytical understanding, more users for WhatsApp are from India only.

So the most amusing thing is people have made WhatsApp as a platform for many things in India. Say it business, networking, socializing, and even dating everything has come on WhatsApp. Groups are quite common on WhatsApp and here is the real fact which tells you the most 5 common groups you see on everybody’s phone. So check whether you missed any of these groups. (Wink)

5 Types of WhatsApp Groups You Will See in Everyone’s Phone – Funny Reality Fact

1) Family comes first – Hail to the surname 

This is the most happening group on WhatsApp. You will have those cousins posting there pics from the US making you and your parents boil. You will have those aunties and uncles who will be teasing you with all those silly incidents that happened with you in childhood.

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Forget about funny messages for some time you would have at least one person who will be forwarding you the enlightenment messages. No one spares to show off anything new they have bought and it is like a little war room which is colored with a lot of smiles.

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2) Graduation/ School Alumni group

This is the most common group. You will have multiple groups if you studied in different schools. This is a perfect platform for everything from fun sharing to marriage invites. You will be seeing all the flashback messages in this group.

The pictures which have taken long back and some memories which were preserved. Nevertheless, to say, this is also the group that will have a lot of plans but with an execution percent of Zero.


3) Best friends group 

Everything happens here. Plan for a movie starts here, plan for an outing starts here. Play WhatsApp games when the conversation gets boring while chatting. You talk all rubbish, you gossip or you even share your grief here. You would name this group so fancy which would reflect the character of your group.

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Beer boys, avengers, falsehoods, etc., these are just examples, realities are much crazier. You won’t hesitate to post anything and this would be the first Point of contact for anything to you.

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4) Only Adults group

No wonder to say that even females have these sorts of groups and it is nothing wrong too. We bet this is the most interesting group even though it has the least activity. All spicy and naughty stuff will be shared and you will always get corner where to save that on your phone. Well, one should agree that one joke from this group will definitely make your day.

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4) Office/Business group

This is the most serious group on the phone. All the official conversations will be going in this group. You might always regret being in this group but you can’t exit. This group will always remind you of the sad reality that there is work in life not only fun and joy.


So did we miss any other common groups here? Share such groups here in comments. We will include them too.!!