5 types of sex conversations that you should have with your partners


Sex is an important part of any marriage relationship. Also, it is an important part if you are taking your love affair seriously and are planning for your future with each other. It is always good to start slow and give time to each other to understand each other before you start cuddling under the sheets. If you have crossed all these levels and are ready to start your sex life with your partner, then it is important as per the experts to have some conversation about it with your partners. As per the experts, having a conversation about sex will help you know more about your partner and will reduce the chances of wrong moments during intimacy.

Talking about desires and fantasies

No two people can be same in this world, and the same logic also goes for you and your partner. It is not necessary that your partner will have the same desires in bed that you have. This can make things difficult when you both are getting intimate. You may try to do certain things that can make your partner a bit uncomfortable or even laugh out loud. Similarly, it may again happen that your partner may try to do such things in an intimate moment that may feel highly dominating and treacherous for you. So, to avoid all these issues, and ending up on a failed note, experts always advise to talk about your desires and fantasies with your partner and also try to know about him or her.


Also, it is not that you should have sex conversations only before starting your sex journey with your partner. Often when you are in a long time relationship, the same routine for intimacy may seem boring and non-pleasurable at times. This is the best time again to talk about what you want and also about what you partner wants. There are some who wish to include natural ingredients in between such as oil, lotions, fruits and others. While there are some, who wish to enjoy with the various sex toys available in the market. Also, there are maximum numbers of people who enjoy oral sex apart from the normal routine. Understand your partner’s desires so that your partner can also understand your fantasies.

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Sexual history along with future plans

Knowing the sexual history of your partner is important if you do not wish to get your life at risk. Yes, this is absolutely true because you never know that your partner may have any STD disease that can be transmitted to you soon. The best way is to talk to your partner before and know about his or her history. Ask about the past relationships and also about with whom and how they have had sex in past. Also, one of the most important questions that you should ask is that whether your partner has gone through an STD test since last 6 months or not. If not then you should definitely insist him or her to do so. To make the situation without any embarrassment, suggest that you both will go for the test to check whether both of you are okay or not.


Also when you are married, and you are having intimacy maximum times, it is important to plan your future also. Check whether it is the correct time or not to get a baby. If yes, then you should plan it, and if it is still a ‘no’, then you have to plan it even harder to execute it properly. Discuss with your partner and if necessary, take advice from doctors about various safe and regular precautions or anti-pregnancy ways without disturbing your intimate moments.

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Be upfront

Often it has been noticed that keeping things hidden from your partner can be creating huge confusions also in your sex life. Do not hide if you had been into a sexual relationship with your ex, or if you have tries out some other alternatives for pleasure. You should be upfront in telling your partner about your facts and should also be upfront in asking your partner about any such fact that you wish to know.



As mentioned before different people have different desires. Similarly, also different people may have different times to get intimate properly. It may happen that you like having it in the night, but your partner wishes to have it early morning. Again it may happen that you like it thrice a week but your partner is just once a week category. Talk about this also so that you both can adjust and come to a common conclusion. Often it has been noticed that people who do not talk about such timing often come up with great disasters. It may happen that you craved for it at night but your partner was not in full mood and again your partner wanted it early morning but you are not ready to wake up so soon.


The best way is to talk and make such schedules where and when you both can be comfortable. Many experts also suggest swapping the sex calendar with your partner to check once or twice whether you are comfortable with it or not. The similar thing goes for your partner. There always is sometimes or moment in your partner’s sex calendar that you may also feel comfortable about and also your partner may also get some comfortable moments in your calendar. Stitch all these moments together to create a unique calendar.

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Reveal your secrets if any

Normally, everything is discussed when you are having a conversation about sex with your partner. But there can be some dark secrets of your life related to sex. For example, rape cases or child sex abuse often leaves patches of trauma on a person for a lifetime. If you have such secret hidden deep in your hearts, speak it out so that your partner can understand your emotions. Similarly, motivate your partner to reveal his or her secrets if any so that you can comfort when and where required.  


Altogether, sex is not just intercourse or having some intimate moments. It is often taken to be a connection between two people that can make their emotional bondage even stronger. So, it is necessary to take about it so that your sex life with your partner can go smooth.