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5 types of Indian moms


1. The blackmailer mom

“Let your father come, I’ll tell him about this.”, “Go to the market and get groceries or you’ll not get your pocket-money.”, “If you fail in the exams, I’m going to throw you out of the house.”, these are a few very common dialogues of mothers in India. If you feel that these dialogues are common, mind you, your mom is the blackmailer mom.  Blackmailing can be for anything. If your mother knows your secrets, you will be forced to do everything she asks you to do. You must be very careful with your word, she may pick up a blackmailing point from the middle of no where and you will be blackmailed all the time for a silly little mistake.

2. The emotional mom

“i did it for your goodness.”, “A mother can never be wrong about her child.”, “I never thought my kids would argue with me like that.”, if these are the dialogues you here almost everyday, you are blessed with an emotional mom. she will find a reason to cry and make you feel sorry. Even if it is not your fault, you have to apologize to stop her tears and dialogues of helplessness.

3. The strict mom

“You will not step out of the house today, no matter what.”, “you are not getting dinner today.”, “No pocket-money for next four days.”, if you here these dialogues on daily basis, you have a strict mom. You have no option but to listen to her and follow the rules. You have to make sure that you don’t upset her.

4. The cool mom

If your mother is the Watsapp queen, she comments on every picture you upload and chats with your friend sometimes, you have a cool mom. She is very fun-loving but mind you, the fun does not include your freedom. She will ask you to change your profile picture and restrict from posting love quotes on Facebook or on any other social site. You have to be careful about your uploads and status updates.

5. The “I do everything” mom

“I have to do all the work myself.”, “You never help me.”, “Am I a servant?”, if these are the common dialogues of your mom, she is the “I do everything” mom. She will never let you help her but she will taunt you by saying that she does everything. You can do nothing to make her happy if she is in a bad mood. You must not disturb her while she is working.

Whatever are the dialogues of your mom, she will always love you no matter what.




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