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5 types of crappy snap chat stories


Snap chat is a widely used social app. But there are people who just cannot stop using it. They do silly, weird things and then they have to show it to everyone.

1. ‘Snap’ ‘Snap’ ‘Snap’

There are many snap chatters around the world who cannot stop uploading snaps. ‘On the way to Mc’D’, ‘Having my favorite burger.’ Oh wow! i thought you’d order a pizza. LOL. People start using Snap chat as their journal. It is quite irritating to see stories telling you people’s routine. They would wish everyone and act as a reminder of the weather and time.

2. I draw very well snap

Well, Snap chat is not a canvas. People would draw things and say ‘my drawing’. These types of posts are hilarious. Drawing a sun and saying ‘good morning’ is not cool. People start behaving like kids. No body wants to see your crappy drawing snaps. seriously!

3. 100 second snap

And some people want to capture every moment of a party or a hangout with friends. Everything has to be shared on Snap chat. It feels like people do not have anything to do even in the parties. They keep uploading snaps. It seems as if they do not have enough talks or may be things to do. You may upload a snap mentioning that you are in a party. And yea everybody got it. You do not need a 100 second snap story to prove that you are in a party. I would rather suggest that you must leave your phone for a while, while you are hanging out with family or friends. You must have a good time talking to them.

4. Anyone up? snaps

Waking up all night is the new cool. And proving that through snaps is the best way to do it. ‘Sleepless nights’ at 4:30 am. ‘Anyone up?’ at 3:45 am. Yeah! people are waiting for your snaps in the middle of the night. It is okay to upload snaps at night during the weekends. But it seems so pointless to even expect a reply at that time. You must rather talk to your closest buddies at that time.

5. duck face snap

Many snapchatters upload a duck face picture everyday. Yea, duck face selfies are in, but not everyday. Sometimes it is so boring to see the same face with the same pose. No offence but honestly you look better when you smile. So, people smile and click.



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